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  1. charlie t

    sm610 turn signal

    so the straingest thing happened my exhaust actually burned my turn signal till it crumbled. anyone else have any probs?....solutions?
  2. charlie t

    2006 SM610 question?

    after many talks with my dealer it is an initial setup prob. they are sending me a new one hopefully it is right
  3. charlie t

    Gateway cycles nightmare service

    1 thing I can say is husky is taking care of it talked to a local dealer ....good bunch there....screw u gateway
  4. I normally hate ranters on any page but ....I have to just once.Iwas shopping for a Husky sm610 so after a couple of weeks I find a dealer that has one in stock problem is it is 600 mi. away in Mt. Sterling Kentucky,I am from pittsburgh you see and thats a bit of a hop on super bowl weekend and the fridge stocked to the hilt ya know .but a buddy says what the hay lets go for it. so away we go.. so I pick up the bike in an absolute white out blizzard and drag it home for the better part of six hours. no biggee.so here comes the nightmare.sun am i am trying to set the spedo. only to find it is stuck on km. not m.p.h and no setup was performed on the bike even though the owner said"it all ready to go".so now i say chuck what else is wrong? well a very little oil...barely on the sight glass and noooo coolant in the rad. yippee I love my new bike... so after talking to Carl on tuesday he says huh??? you should be able to take care of that it's only oil a new speedo. andcoolant . well thanks for the sevice you prick. once again sorry for ranting it won't happen again. but drop Carl an email for saying thanks . www.gatewaycycles.com