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    Right now our sport is in good shape and the future looks good for SX/MX to go mainstream. The rundown: -Weekly national TV spot (CBS) -Weekly dual between the top stars (Ricky/Stewart) -Reeds/Tedesco, etc - riders that can come out and upset things at any time. -Old Guard still riding hard and keeping the youngsters honest (Larocco/Mcgrath) The goal should be for SX/MX to become the next NASCAR in popularity. With Stewart riding and dueling with Carmichael the way he has, it's allowed the next step towards that goal to be taken.
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    '06 250F Issues/Blowin Up

    Do I know you? Just got the 06 250F and have been hearing the same around the area. Let me know what you find out. Weber State? Paige? Zak #117