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    Jeffs Cycles???

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  2. Anyone ever use them? I just ordered some used stuff from them and they seem to be a little slow to reply or just ignore some of my questions. We'll see how it goes.
  3. Thanks for the info. I'll probably get a new dual sport, but I'd like to get this bike running. It's a cool, ugly looking thing.
  4. Sorry for these noobie questions, but I've got an old XT550 ''82 that I have been trying to get running and I need some help. This is a kickstart only bike. It doesn't start if it's hot. Any idea what it could be? It used to start hot without a problem. The electric system seems to work fine. New battery. I've replaced the starter coil and have been cleaning up the wiring connections which were a bird's nest when I bought it. Once it's started, it runs OK and doesn't die, but when I shut it down, I can't get it started again until it is completely cool. I thought it was the coil, but it's still doing it with the aftermarket coil. I'd appreciate your help on this. thanks.
  5. I was going to solder it, but I realized I could just screw the plug cap screw into the cable. I hope it works. I still have to figure a way to mount this non-standard coil to the bike's body so it won't fall off. I need a new bike, man.
  6. Thanks, guys. I may try to attach the wire coming out of the coil to one of these caps connected to the other wires.
  7. So I got a new generic starter coil for my XT550. It should work OK, but I also got some performance plug wires that I wanted to use with the coil. How does one splice a spark plug wire to the spark plug wire coming out of the end of a coil? Thanks.