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  1. shogun250

    06 YZF450 Jetting

    I made the changes you advised and they worked good. The bike is still a little slugish tho, is that fine tuning the fuel screw.
  2. Carb Cleaner is made for the carb. It evaporates rapidly, it should'nt hurt anything. Good storage practice,(wish my kid would do that).
  3. I'm the proud owner of a brand new YZF450 that has yet to see the dirt because it runs like s##t. I'm having trouble with off the line bog, to point it stalls. My local dealer said bogging on 450 was normal. I don't believe for a second thats true but i cant get any help from them. Any ideas so i can get this bike dirty for the first time. I live in Nevada. As of right now its only 75 degrees. So i know weather is not a problem. Thanks for any help.