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  1. crf450_montana

    KX 85 jetting for Denver area

    We will be riding Lakewood most of the time, Berthoud, Watkins. We will be staying up in Evergreen at my in-laws. I use to live down there while I was going to school and raced the SRAC series for 2 years before moving back to Montana. I remember when Lakewood was just a rocky goat trail.I was down there 2 years ago and watched the national and I was amazed at how much work they have put into that track. Thanks for the jetting info. Just wanted to get a starting point.
  2. crf450_montana

    KX 85 jetting for Denver area

    Just looking for a little help. We will be coming down to Denver to ride and race in a few weeks and I was wondering what some of you Dads are running for your kids KX85 jetting. Just want to make sure I can ride as much as possible and try not to waste to much time tuning. We are coming from Montana and usaully ride about 2200'. Bike KX85 2008 Stock Thanks
  3. crf450_montana

    Pre- Vacation - To race or not?

    I would race if you are healthy. I was in the same situation as you are. Out of a 14 race series we are allowed to drop 2 races. I missed race 1 and 3 because of a fishing trip and work. I was first in points after races 8 then I crashed practicing and am out for 5 weeks. There is a 2week break then a double race weekend then a week break. If I had not used up my drops so early I would be sitting fine, but now I will miss 4 races in the season so the championship is gone.
  4. crf450_montana

    Bike carrier

    I have the moto-tote brand. With the carrier on I can open my tailgate as along as the bikes are not on the carrier. I had an extra piece welded on to it so that I can carry my 06 450f and my kid’s ktm50. I have gone from Montana to Denver multiple times using the carrier to haul my bikes with no problems. (2200 miles round trip at 75 - 80 mph).
  5. crf450_montana

    Berthoud Saturday, 2.25.06

    I went to college in Denver. I started in 1999 and ended in 2001. Then I moved back to Montana. I sure do miss the tracks that Colorado has to offer. I still come back once a summer to visit my father-in-law up in Evergreen. I try to bring my bike with me so that I can stop off at Bethoud and tear it up.