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  1. This morning I went out to find my bike missing. I was in the garage till 12 so it happened somewhere between 12 and 9 in the morning. I am around the chandler area so if you guys could keep a lookout for it that would be awesome. o6 drz400s blue stock tank no tail bag black supermoto front fender black sides and rear fender drc tailight zeta handgaurds with built in blinkers gel seat- kind of torn zeta chain guard and sprocket guard barracuda street tire on the front and a d606 on the back messed up headlight shroud from a wreck
  2. I've learned to just read and search instead of asking questions on boards, to be saved from the flaming. But that really doesn't happen much here.
  3. well if you look at the profile pic on my myspace you can see my finger.http://home.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user&Mytoken=14AD4606-B0EB-5AF6-CCA3BE1311A454414234551 I just know the shop told me it was a front. How do you tell? It was a 18 110/90 and was a pain to get on. I already swapped back the old nobby and I did hurt myself a little more, I'm a cluts.
  4. In my hastyness to get a new street friendly tire, I put a front 18 inch tire on my back rim. Will there be any ill effects if I ride it. I really don't want to take this tire off, I went to the hospital to get 9 stitches last night from hitting the sprocket with my finger.
  5. Is that the stock mount that comes with it or did you order the protector for 49.99?
  6. fixed...kinda. The wires inside the houseing needed to be pushed in tighter. One of the pegs it clips onto wasn't pushed in all the way and was throwing everything off.
  7. Yea it worked fine before I did anything. I am pretty sure all the wires are still attached, I will check again though. My local shop wants 80 bucks and a week for it to get here...bummer
  8. I would search but it is disabled. I was putting my ignition switch on the side of the fork by the turn signal and got it all wrapped up. I switched it to the on position and it stays off. The bike only works in the middle of "on" and "off". Do I need to buy a new ignition switch??
  9. Hold on Hold on. I want to go riding too What part of AZ you guys in? Im in Chandler. Im just waiting for my ac-10's to get here to start riding more.
  10. I tried buying tires from TT, trying to get them to price match these guys but they couldn't. Their prices seem way to low, maybe I am being paranoid . http://www.americanmototire.com/
  11. What jetting do I need? 06 drz400s 3x3 mod Elev. 1300 Arizona