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  1. Don't go to far...or else you'll be replacing clutch packs every 6 months like do. I'm much faster when using the clutch on the 450, just too much power on demand to not use it.
  2. NDC

    Stock clutch on 06 yz450f

    It's going to be very dependent on your riding style. I ride mine more like a 2 stroke than most 2 stroke guys do, so I got about 6 months out of mine. 2 days a week at the track, with lots of laps. Trying aftermarket parts this time, and hoping to work on my technique a little bit!
  3. All back together right now. Took most of an evening, but that's just due to taking my time, etc. Could easily due it in 1/3 of the time if I had to do it again. Definately like the machined clutch basket from Hinson better than the stock one, hoping it works better too. The real test will be this evening when I take it out.
  4. However, IIRC the YZ's get the nice radiator cages, and the CRF's only get the little braces.....I think I like getting cages over the dipstick better.
  5. Thanks gray. Set it up on a Bridgeport with a center drill and it was a piece of cake.
  6. First of all thanks to you guys for the replies. Second, I tore into it this afternoon was was pleased to find it suprisingly easy (probably easier than changing sprockets/chains and definately easier than a valve job). But, I'm not sure if I should be concerned that the factory clutch basket came out with no more force than a loose bolt. I didn't have, need or use the special tool..... Also, here is a picture of the wear on the flanges of the basket: http://members.cox.net/mxjunkee/DSC01417.JPG Based on the manual, it should be replaced right? I'm getting a new one, and this will be the third clutch pack going into this bike, but the basket is stock. I'm thinking this is one of those "I should do it now while I'm in there" deals right? Also, can stock rivets be pressed out? They look like they were orginally pressed in. I have a press and it looks like that would be much easier and clearner than drilling them out.
  7. Hi all, Going to be putting a Hinson clutch basket and new plates in my 06 450F this weekend. Although I have done suspension, valves and piston replacements before, I have never done clutch work. I have the common tools (torque wrench, etc), and the service manual, but am just looking for any "tribal knowledge" from the more experienced. Such as: Do I have to replace the lock washer with a new one? Looks like it will be a week or so to get a new one? Is all the mounting hardware standard thread (i.e. nothing to turn to the right to loosen, etc)? Is the "special clutch tool" shown and used in the manual a must have? I think I've read some about having to drill out some rivets that are holding the stock basket on? Is that correct or did I miss-read something. Any type of special break-in procedure? I have been told that soaking everything in oil overnight before installing helps seat the clutch initially. Anything else anyone has to offer will be greatly appreciated.
  8. http://www.rileymxracing.com/ Got mine in 3 days....absolutely love it!
  9. NDC

    lowering a 450

    Try the SDG Low Seat (not the Step Seat). I'm 5'7" and it made a HUGE difference in my ability to hold up and ride the bike. Although at first it felt a little too low for me, I got used to it very quickly. You being even shorter should find it perfect.
  10. There is little to no similary betwen the RC3 and the Leatt. The RC3 is their neck roll with something to keep it from moving around. I've personally ridden with it, and now run the Leatt...no comparison.
  11. NDC

    SDG Tall Seat Woes!

    I have the low seat and it took some "coaxing" to get it fit right at first. But after a ride on it, the wrinkles went away and now it goes on and comes off quite a bit easier. But it has no gaps at all, in fact you have to sort of push it down to get it on, and that really helps.
  12. I've tried a few (cheaper ones) but this one is by far the best for the money I have found: http://cyclegear.com/images/15-0420Lg_410x328.jpg Made by Motion Pro.
  13. NDC

    length between oil changes

    Change oil/clean air filter after every ride. Change oil filter every other ride. Your riding the best bike in the world, I want mine to stay that way!
  14. NDC

    Rotella T users

    Please keep us Rotella users posted! I've been running it for 6 months now, with no problems....course I change it after every single ride, so maybe that has something to do with it.
  15. NDC

    Joined a Gym, Now What

    I ride two days a week, and the gym five. Each day at the gym I run. I fluctuate what I do based on a how I feel. Any where from 30 minutes and very high intensity, up to 60 minutes at a lower pace. The lower pace keeps your base cardio up, and the high intensity is good since that's what most of my motos are like. I try and work my center core each day at the gym, but that doesn't always happen based on time. Regardless, I work either upper or lower body every other time (never doing the same portion two days in a row). And low weight with high reps is working great for me. I don't really "look" any bigger, but my ability to hang on to my 450 (and only being 5'7"/140lbs) has increased significantly, so I consider it successful. Been on that schedule for 3+ months now (although I always rode before, just never took the "off the bike" stuff seriously) and have noticed a MAJOR difference. Also, if you really want to benefit, you really need give up alcohol and pop. Drink TONS of water all day, every day. I also eat a lot of chicken, rice, pasta, pork, little bit of red meat, yogurt, apples, bagels, bananas, etc. I can ride hard now for 30+ minutes, and not feel like I am going to die!