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  1. laslomas

    Dumbest things you've done to/with your bike

    After cleaning my FCR-MX and reinstalling, I go to start it and gas is flowing out the drain. The screw is tight so I know the float is not working. Off comes the carbie again and I take the float bowl off and make sure the float gets put together right. Get the FCR back on the bike and no more gas overflow! Thing won't start without full throttle though and no way it would idle. Back to TT for some research. Could I really have put the slide in up side down? Off with the carbie again and sure enough, flat side was not down. Get that fixed and FCR back on bike and wow does it run nice now. And am I good at taking that FCR off and putting it back on now! Many THANKS to all the great people here! I would ride so much less without you.
  2. laslomas

    Advice on SM wheels

    I just bought a brand new set of wheels from www.radmfg.com for under $1000. They make their own hubs and lace up the wheels just like you want. If you're on the cheap and can deal with a slightly heavier hub, they have what you need. If you want to spend more, of course, you can get the lightest, cush drive hub...and more. Good company.
  3. laslomas

    suspension: lowering links

    I have the Kouba 1 links on mine and a friend has the 2. We are both about 135 lbs. and don't ride real hard off road. They are great under those conditions. Add more weight to the rider and/or ride aggressively, and from what others on the forum say, you won't like them as much.
  4. laslomas

    Renazco racing or Corbin?

    I've ridden both and my choice is the Renazco by far. If you go with the Corbin, don't get the one off the rack. That's what I had and sold and it's like riding a 2x8. And it's low and shaped so you keep sliding forward. Some on the forum have had Corbin shape the seat, i.e. add more foam, to make it more like a wide, more comfortable, dirt bike seat. A search would probably give you some pictures to look at.
  5. laslomas

    another stupid gearing question

    I think the rule of thumb is one tooth in the front equals three teeth in the back, so should be real close. People often change the front sproket to avoid changing their chain length, especially if they go back and forth between dirt and SM set ups. I have my SM set up 15/40 and like it but I had it set up with 15/44 for awhile. The latter set up would get to 80 mph with a lot of revs and definitely had the grunt down low. I ride a lot of two lane roads that move right around 50 to 55 mph and the 15/40 set up allows me to be comfortable there in fourth gear. I don't change to fifth until I get into the freeway speeds over 65mph.
  6. laslomas

    american supercamp

    I did one two years ago in Santa Rosa. Very worth it. Any kind of riding you do will be improved. Loads of riding time and great instructors. Just when you think you're getting the knack they wet the course down. Then they change from an oval to TT. I couldn't get the smile off my face for a week.
  7. laslomas

    Love the bike hate the seat

    Renazco Racing, people. THE BEST. Been through stock, gel, Corbin, stock cut down...there is no comparison, I'm tellin' you. Feels great, performs great, looks great.
  8. laslomas

    Battery Upgrade

    I have a 2004 S that has the original battery, going strong. A friend bought a2004 S one month later from the same dealer and is on the second battery, keeping it on the tender all the time or it won't start. Same garaged conditions and weather. Can't find any 'leaks' using Noble's great instructions. Haven't done the free power mod on either bike, but mine starts on the original battery with no tender help and the other needs all the help it can get. Damn electrons, wires, connectors, etc.
  9. laslomas

    My new seat is on its way!!!

    Better foam. It's as wide as the stock base of the seat but it doesn't pyramid up to a narrow top like the stocker does so it's way more comfortable.
  10. laslomas

    My new seat is on its way!!!

    M6NTL you're gonna love that Renazco seat. I've had one for about a year. My buddy ordered one as soon as she tried it. Best of all the seats. Congrats.
  11. laslomas

    Best way HowTO GFX Decals Removal ???

    Blow dryer heat and goo gone to remove. Windex followed by isopropyl alcohol to prep the surface for the new stickers. The windex also helps in applying the new decals. Spray a bit on the sticky side and you have some wiggle room to place the decal perfectly and get air bubbles out--credit card helps to iron those out if necessary. If you use the windex on the stickey side, let the decals rest on the bike for overnight before riding to let them fully adhere.
  12. laslomas


    +1 on what William1 said. FCR-MX carb was a big addition to my Z. Recently added full Yosh exhaust and that was another big addition. Plan the big bore and cams next. I have a friend with the JD jet kit and 3x3, and that's not bad for a start if the FCR is backordered. I would get the extended fuel screw for either carb as well.
  13. laslomas

    fcr or yosh system

    +3 on FCR. When you get the money, though, do the full Yosh Ti. Not quite as much bang for the buck, especially since it's more expensive than the FCR, but definitely worth it once you save the bucks. I did the FCR first and then about 2,000 miles later did the Yosh. Once I'm over this last hop up, I've heard if you're good all year that a big bore kit and some hot cams and an "E" gasket might show up under the Christmas tree...
  14. laslomas

    I need a Charcoal Canister

    I have one if you don't get any better ideas (sorry I myself can't be handy here). PM me if you want it and I'll get it to you for cost of shipping. Mine is off an '04 DRZ 400S.
  15. laslomas

    DRZ 400 SM Mods

    I did my bike in two stages. Started with the FCR and 3x3. Very big improvement. After about 2000 miles with that I finally just did the full Yosh Ti. Another very big improvement. I'm glad I did both but it's nice to see what each brings to the party and do them separately. Not to mention it's easier on the wallet.