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  1. I race an '05 YZ250F. The bike seems to be quite lazy at times in the corners. It at times will miss or stutter. Could this be a feul or jetting problem?? Maybe some one has some suggestions to help with the problem! I am always up for any other performance tips or modes anyone might suggest!!!
  2. Highest octane at the pump is Sun's 94 but has an ethanol additive is this a problem?
  3. I race an '05 250f. I keep the bike very well maintained and clean the air filter every race. I was wondering about an air filter oil alternative due to the cost. Perhaps a 2 cycle oil or something! Thanx!
  4. Raced a new '05 250f last year. I experimented with stock settings a bit. My first question is should I put my money in a new bike and run stock again or should I put my cash in a killer suspension job. My second question is if anybody has any other suggestions to improve my '05. I weigh about 185#+/-
  5. Compared to the competition Yamahas are BULLETPROOF! I race an '05
  6. Race an '05 250f anyboby with any carb tips or any other performance!