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    Wife and 2 kids madison age 4 and evan age 1 and of course motocross and any motorcycle rideing
  1. Has anyone put on a set of kenda millville front and rear tires and what do you think of them.
  2. What is the best way to remove the carb on the 06
  3. What is the best and most economical SS oil filter around . I like the Ready Racing combo because it is a filter and a billet cover for the price of a scotts , any feedback.
  4. Hey Luke ajc here, don't think to much until you get it out on a fairly warm day and we start riding, mine doesn't leak thou, I think you have my # give me a call. AC
  5. Is there any thing wrong with just routing the breather hose down along the shock with the carb hoses if your not concerned with water. Newbe to 4-stroke.