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    crf 450 is the first dirtbike I have owned other the 3 wheelers
  1. just tried to install a new DID X ring chain . Two problems , I cut it a link too short and it has no master link . It has a press / rivet type thing to join the 2 ends . I have a Regina chain breaker but I don't think it will work to press / flare out the rivets to join the chain togather. the pins that go through the roller have a hole that looks like it will take a special tool fits in and presses it out to flare the pin to keep it from coming apart.What can I do about being short a link? Can I get another master link ? Will I have to use 2 masterlinks now ? I WAS PLANNING TO RIDE THIS WEEKEND BUT NOT SURE NOW . Please , any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. I got it in 01-06 from a guy who raced it a little and was the 2nd owner. He told me he put titanium valves in it but it would need a new top end sooner or later. I ride it every other weekend for a few hours but not realy that hard . I just ride trails and follow my son around on his KX80 "SOON TO BE 100" when we get the power valve parts in. I have taken it to a 35 mile trail ride and probably have ridden it another 100-150 miles since then. The valves are in spec and have not moved since the day I bought it. So far it has been a great bike. I have changed the oil after every 2-3 rides , before it gets close to being dark in the sight glass and the same goes for the air filter. This is my first bike since I was a kid but have owned a few Honda 3 wheelers 250r / 250es wich I have had since 87 and runs like new but looks like hell. My question is what to do this winter as far as rebuilding the bike I realy think I need to do the top and bottom as well as the valves of course. I was thinking to go all stock with the new 06 head and valves and a JE piston . Je because I keep seeing this brand being reccomended. Is it the same as Pro Circuit? I was leaning towards a Hot Rod crank and bearings kit with all the gaskets that would be needed to do a complete rebuild . I want the motor to be like new and fresh top to bottom. I plan to ride alot this winter as long as the valves are in spec. I will not do the shim thing . I will replace it all when they are out of spec. Tell me what you would suggest . I realy do not need more performance since I do not race. The 450 has all I need . I did add a Rekluse auto clutch and love it . Let me know what you think I should do. This sight is just awsome and I can not stop reading all of the info available here I am addicted to vast amount of info here .
  3. I need a good parts source that will have some parts for the power valve in stock . I have tried everywhere I could find on the net and all of the wholesalers said they would have to order them direct from Kawasaki. I am looking at 7 days at best before I get them. Any suggestions?
  4. I just got a used z-start for a CRF 450R . In the instructions it says I must use their gasket . 0r it could damage the clutch.
  5. I bought one last January that had been raced by a class d rider. I have ridden nearly every weekend . I have had the valves ckecked twice and no problems . I probably would not have bought it had I read all of the horror stories with the valves . I am glad I found TT after I got the bike because it has been rock solid dependable and tons of power every where . Other than leaking fork seals and worn rear tire it is good to go. I love it. I am getting new valves and a piston just to be ready when the time comes. I love the bike.
  6. I took the bike into my local mechanic to see if it needed a new set of lower end bearings . We tore it down and it needed all new bearings so I decided to replace the all of them including the crank and rod . The cylinder was worn as well . He happened to have a KX100 cilinder and piston from another racer who's bike he was servicing last year until he went to a bigger bike. He had a KX 85 they converted to a KX 100 . Am I in for trouble doing this? I needed a new cylinder anyway and decided to go this route because he offered the new cylinder and head for $150 and I was looking at $300+ for a new kx 80 cylinder not including the head. I know he is very capable of the conversion and has taken care of a few local riders / racers and has done this before. Any input would be helpful.
  7. 2000 kx 80. I put in a new top end in it, reeds , chain / sprocket, plug and that helped tremendously. . Now my son has ridden it for about 2-3 hours . It fouled a few plugs Sunday so today I moved the needle down one step because I talked to my local dealer and he said they run a little rich and this would help. I am new to all of this but by the needle I mean the one in the carb . at the top connected to the throttle cable. I am not mechanicaly challenged but there is "a roaring noise coming from the motor now that my son did not hear but I could " After the carb adjustment it runs great but now the noise / ROARING it is somewhat obvious to me and could tell as he rode around the yard and while I rode it I could tell there was a noise that was not there before I made the adjustment . I run 40:1 Torco and a B8ES now. before it ran poorley at 32 :1 because he was not reving constantly and coming off of a XR 80 AND GETTING USED TO THE kx. He says he loves the power and does not want to go back to a slower bike. I guess my question is how hard is it to replace the bearings if that is the problem? This is what I think is wrong since it is a used bike . WHAT WOULD YOU DO IN THIS SITUATION?
  8. SNEEK

    Need help with KX 80

    I just got the top end done and I can not believe the difference. I could not have done it without your help. Now for the clutch and i should be good to go. THANKS !!!
  9. SNEEK

    Need help with KX 80

    Thanks for the info. I am going to try to get home early and get started . I have a question about the topend. What is the cover on the right of the cylinder? I think it is some sort of exhaust valve? I also need to know how to get the clutch cover off. Will the clutch arm come off with the cover ? I tried to get it off the other day but seemed locked on . I realy did not try too hard because I wanted to tackle the top end first.
  10. SNEEK

    Need help with KX 80

    I have tried to work the clutch that way and does not seem to help.
  11. SNEEK

    Need help with KX 80

    I just got it for my son 2000 model KX 80 . It has been ridden hard by the looks of it . I have a few problems .. # 1 The bike starts on the first or second kick. I drained the gas and put in new at 32:1 . It will not hit the powerband and has low compression I think because it is very easy to push the kick start down by hand. I ordered a new top end kit hoping that will do the trick as far as more compression and getting in the powerband. #2 The clutch will not fully disengage . I have to rev it up to keep it from stalling when putting it in first gear and it will creep foward with the clutch pulled in. I adjusted the cable all the way out but that does no good. It is also very easy to pull in . I ordered a new clutch kit with springs hoping to get it running by Sunday. I realy need some help to get my son back on a bike . He traded his bullet proof XR 80 for this bike and i realy feel bad for him. Any help or input would be greatly appreciated. He is going out of town Thursday and will be back Sunday and I would realy like to have it running good for him when he gets home. Also what should I look for when doing the top end. I have never done one but I does not look too hard. What should I look out for when doing the top end?
  12. Very confused, looking at the specs in the manual on a 02 crf450r the intake is 0.16 +- 0.03 as we all know My guages do not have 0.16 anywhere on them. Do I have the wrong guages? They are in mm. not inch. Is there a referance I could look at . To make a long story short I do not think I can read the feeler guages or mine are on a different mm scale or something. please help.
  13. I had 3-4 others like this one . I asked them to call me and never heard back . Wierd , I wonder if they have scammed anyone yet?
  14. I have any of gotten replies like this for your bike you had for sale an TT.. HERE IT IS, hello seller, i want to buy your bike immediately and my mode of payment will be by a cashiers check pls if you agree to my offer send me your final price for the bike, the check will include an excess which you will wire through western union to my shipper , this will enable him pick up the bike from you , i am currently out on a business trip that is why my shipper is to handle pick up of the bike so give me ur name and address to send payment immediately
  15. SNEEK

    2005 YZ450 F Alabama KX65 & PW80

    JETPILOT, Are you into guns? I live near Mobile . Call me at 251 747 4366 " "Justin" . I have some cash and if you are into guns we may be able to make a deal. I will be going through B'ham next week. Give me a call. I am interested in the KX 65 and also have a XR 80 , 02 model wich is much tamer than the 65...