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  1. For any of you contemplating doing the 3x3 mod......DO IT! I cannot believe the difference in power and how much better my bike runs and idles now. The JD Jetting instructions and kit were awesome and easy to follow. I myself was scared to cut my airbox and re-jet my bike but it is MUCH easier than you would think.
  2. Anyone have any help at all?
  3. Google DRZ400 carb cleaning and I found a site that had pics and step by step instructions on how to do this.
  4. I have a 2004 drz400 and is completely stock. I just bought the JD jetting kit for it and most of the threads say to use the BLUE needle. Then I read the instructions from the kit and it said that for warm weather (above 75f) I should use the RED needle. I live in Southern California and the weather is usually above that temp. Which should I use? Also, most of the posts say use the 4th clip but the instructions say use the 3rd clip? Help please....I want to have all info. before I start cutting. Thanks
  5. I just took it out of the bed of my truck and rolled it into the garage. I have not had a chance to look at it yet. I was just trying to get some ideas as for where to look.
  6. I bought a used 2004 DRZ 400s this summer and took it up to the Sierras and it ran like a champ. The guy that owned it before me said that he never used it and it sat for a couple years. It only had 150 miles on it so I believe him. He said that he had the local dealership go through the fuel system and clean it out. It had a new fuel line so it looked like they had gone through the fuel system and it always fired right up. The other day I forgot to put gas in it and ran out of gas, switched it over to reserve and it fired up and I got home. I put gas in the tank yesterday and went for a great ride but half way through the ride, the bike started sputtering and acting like it was out of gas. I could get it going but each time I got it going and started riding again it got worse. Finally, it would not run. Here is my thought, the previous owner did not replace the stock steel gas tank and there might be sediment in the tank from having gas sit in it. When I ran out of gas, some of it might have gotten into the carb. Other than that, I have no clue. Just wanting some thoughts and/or advice. Thanks
  7. What kit is that on the rear fender? How did you get the license plate and light up against the fender like that? I like that much better than the ugly, huge fender that sticks down right now.
  8. I just bought a used DRZ400 2004 bone stock. I am just wondering what mods should be done....I know I saw a thread on here before but can't find it. Suggestions would be great.
  9. Thanks guys....I think this confirmed what I was thinking. Either sell my CRF450 and buy an EXC 450/525 or keep the CRF450 for Ocotillo and track and buy a used DRZ400 for the fire roads. I kind of knew the SM would not work out but they are SOOOO nice looking I figured I would ask.
  10. Hey guys I am looking at buying a dual sport and really like the DRZ400 SM but I want to do fire trails as well. Is it possible to put knobbies on a motard wheel?
  11. When you buy the fork springs, do you have to take it to a shop to put them in the forks? Or are they easy enough to do in the garage? I have heard good things about these springs.
  12. Hi, My wife has the DRZ125L. I want to get the big bore kit (170). Does the cylinder have to be bored out or does it just bolt on without any boring. Thanks.