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  1. Pit crazy

    Manual clutch for new DRZ-70

    Does anyone know if any aftermarket company has developed a manual clutch for the new DRZ-70? I have researched all around and have found nothing as of yet.
  2. Pit crazy

    Riding this weekend in IL

    The weather channel said 60+ and sunny both days
  3. Pit crazy

    Joliet MX update

    Just got back from practice and both the mini/pit bike & supercross/stadium tracks were in excellent shape! The track crew was putting the final touches on the newly installed gates for the mini-track. These new gates are very nice and will double the previous gate. Tomorrow 4/5 (race day), supposed to be 63 degrees and beautiful. Everyone come out for a great evening of racing! See you there www.jolietmx.com
  4. Pit crazy

    Chicago area pit bikers

    * Check out the thread above you MX260
  5. Pit crazy

    "Midwest Mini-Open"

    I believe this might be the first year. Contact info. go to the - contact us on the website and leave your information. Believe me, they will get back to you pronto. I know the owner and he is really excited about the event. Your support will be much appreciated!
  6. Pit crazy

    "Midwest Mini-Open"

    If you are serious about pit bike racing....then put this event on your calendar. Joliet Motosports located in Wilmington Illinois, is having a 4-day "Midwest Mini-Open" premier pit-bike race on August 29,30,31 & Sept 1 2008. Any questions, go to www.jolietmx.com or 815-476-7433 Their pit bike track is very well designed. See you fiddy riders there!
  7. Pit crazy

    Wildest Graphics

    www.xgxracing.com (excellent graphics!)
  8. Pit crazy

    Let's see your RM-Z450!

    Looks great! What all did you do?
  9. Pit crazy

    DRZ-70 electrical question

    Thanks, I will try the electrical section. Just was not sure if anyone else had the same issue.
  10. Pit crazy

    DRZ-70 electrical question

    This little bike has a very complex wiring system. And of course this due in part to the key start, starter and battery, etc. I would like to eliminate all of this. Is anyone aware of any company that may be producing or getting ready to offer an aftermarket electrical wiring system and cover to replace where the starter was. Getting rid of the starter and the battery alone has to save at least 3-5 pounds.
  11. Pit crazy

    Let's see your RM-Z450!

    Here is my 2007 with some mods. http://www.motomumbo.com/forum/index.php?topic=312.0
  12. Pit crazy

    Pipe for 2007 RMZ-450

    Thanks fellow MX'ers for all of your honest input. I have not seen the Rocket brand before, and I will check them out as well. I did forget to mention that I noticed the bike does fall flat or seems to peak really quick at higher speeds. As soon as I make a decision, I will report back as to what I chose, set-up and how things are performing. Thanks!
  13. Pit crazy

    Pipe for 2007 RMZ-450

    I have heard some very good things about the new DR. D products. A friend of mine recently purchased an 07' YZ450 and put on the new Dr. D and has been very pleased with the gains all throughout. I will do some research. Thanks
  14. Pit crazy

    Pipe for 2007 RMZ-450

    Which full exhaust system will provide solid gains throughout. The engine is still bone stock. I have been looking closely at the PC T4 & FMF 4.1 w/megabomb. Happy 2008!