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  1. Didn't want to start a new tread. I too am looking at new dual sport bikes. I'm 5'10 (didn't think they could stack crap that high did you) around 200 pounds and live in NC. I'm looking at....... xr650l- The xr650r with dual sport kit sounds better. Dont like the air cooled on the L drz400s-have not looked at this one yet klr650- looks like a tank but I could probaby take my chunky girl on rides I bet. All Bikes list at $4999 cept for the xr650r havn't priced that one yet. advise please. husky and ktm's are not sold around here and too much $$ for me. Btw im 35 and have had 3 dirt bikes and a kutnany (katana) 750. NO newb here just not up to date on the new dual's Thanks for any advise -tony
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