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  1. I am headed down on Wed. around 2:30 if anybody is up for it. I went down today and it was great the wind was a little bad. PLUS we really need rain....
  2. I need to know if a 2002 450r pipe will fit on my 2005 405x. Thanks
  3. I would like to know what jets I should be running?? Thanks Guys
  4. I need to know what jets to run in Colorado springs thank...
  5. I am working on a 92 kx250. I need to know what jet and needle setting for Colorado Springs and Denver area. Thanks Guys
  6. Grand Prix Races at Olympic Motocross Park Sun. May 20, 2007 719-359-9926 Would you really like to get some seat time when go to the races? Here’s your chance. 5 mile course. All awards will be prizes sponsored by local dealers and Olympic MX Park. Classes: Pro (100% payback) and B’s 60 minutes , C’s 50minutes, Quad’s 40 minutes, Mini’s 30 minutes. Team race in the afternoon 1.5 hrs. Entry: Pros 30.00 Team 40.00 all others 25.00 Gate 5.00 6 and under free Early sign up Saturday night 6-8 Sun gates open at 5am sign up at 6 Practice at 7, riders meeting at 8, races at 8:30 Race order: C, B, Pro, Mini, lunch, 1.5hr. Team race after lunch, Awards after the team race. Olympic Motocross Park and training facility is open 7days a week year round. Take I-25 to exit 122 Head east over I-25 take a right go over the train tracks heading north on Old Pueblo rd. As soon as you cross the creek take a right on Hanover rd. 10 miles to the track on the north side 17040 Hanover rd. * Pros must race with a c rider. All other combos will be allowed
  7. Try these guys, They make great backrounds for my 05 450x. http://www.decalmx.com/index2.ihtml
  8. There is a place in fountain about 2 miles south of the springs. Send me a pm and I will let you know more.
  9. Saturday is a practice and the pee wee race.
  10. Yes bring out the quads. It is very tight but fun.
  11. Yes its open 7 days a week. As long as the weather is good.
  12. I am going out to the PPIR trail on Monday about 9:00am. If anybody is interested let me know or I will just see you out there. I ride a 450x. Nick
  13. I am looking for an 05 CRFR pipe for my 05 405x any body have one they want to sell!!!!! Thanks Nick
  14. The track is on the left. If you are coming down I 25 go left. It is the first dirt road on the right. There is an Moose sign out there. Follow the dirt road all the way to the back and you will see two houses back there you will see the table to sign in.
  15. I have a 2000 426 and need to know if a 2002 450 front will fit. Thanks Nick