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  1. I don't have a short neck but I do have a large chest. I have the ladies Acerbis and it works just fine for me.
  2. Laurie

    Roost protector question

    I also like mine a little snug, I would rather know its going to stay on.
  3. I have been a faithful customer of Quinsey until now . I have spent more than 25k there this year alone. I am really bummed that this has happened. I can say with most certainty that I will never drop another dime there again. FBC or anywhere else for me now.
  4. Quinsey Powersports in San Diego I didn’t want to post this because, I honestly thought that Quinsey would do the right thing and fix my bike however… Quinsey has decided not to fix my bike so let the war begin! This is a warning to those of you in the market for a new toy Dirt, Street or Water AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE!!! Over the last 8 months I have purchased a total of 3 bikes from Quincy. The most recent bike I have purchased from Quinsey was my 06 Yamaha FZ6. I told Quinsey that I was unfamiliar with loading and strapping down street bikes, and I asked for assistance. My sales guy Mike said “Not a problem” this is a common saying around Quinsey it means (I am not listening to you, I have no interest in your concerns and I am only saying this to get you to shut up and go away). Not knowing any better at the time, I asked if my Dirt bike straps would work or if I needed to get something else. Mike my sales person said “no, these will work just fine, not a problem”. So Mike the sales guy, loaded up my bike and strapped it down. Right away, I noticed that the straps were pushing down on the front ferring onto the gas tank. I asked Mike “Are you sure this won’t damage my bike? Again he said “No, its fine. Not a problem” Are you seeing a theme here in the not a problems? Well I hauled my bike 120 miles from San Diego back to El Centro and guess what?!?!? The tank on my bike was scratched threw the clear coat and into the red-fleck paint. Needless to say I was upset to see that my new bike that had yet to be ridden was now damaged. I immediately called Quinsey several times to get them to fix my bike. It took 7 or 8 phone calls, 3 emails and a Mailed letter to finally get their attention. Finally they agreed to fix my bike so I make the trek to San Diego and dropped off my bike to be repaired (keep in mind this is almost a $300 trip for me). We agreed on a week for the repairs. Well a week went by and I went to pick up my bike. Much to my astonishment my bike was not fixed. They had made a half hearted attempt to buff it out, but the scratch was still very apparent both visually and to the touch. My first reaction… I wanted to rip someone’s head off, because I had made yet another $300 trip to pick up my bike that should have been fixed. I did my best to keep my patience, but I was loud enough to scare off every single customer currently in the store. I calmly spoke to Jeremy the Sales Manager making him look at the remaining damage and asked that he acknowledge that the bike was in fact still damaged. He would not sign anything. However, he did tell me Merlene the CS Manager will contact you, I am sure they will give you some monetary compensation, “Not a problem” I made Quinsey take photographic proof that damage was still there and they said they would call me the next business day. Well no one called me on the next business day, so I called them. Merlene the CS Manager spoke briefly to me stating that Mr. Quinsey himself participated in fixing my tank and was astonished that I wasn’t happy with the repairs. They are now refusing to do anything further to fix my bike, so I have no choice but to spread the word….. I have dropped more than 25k at this Shop and all I have asked is that they repair the damage they caused to my new bike. I got nothing more then the implication that I am too picky and should happy that Mr. Quinsey himself took the time to grace my bike with his presence. Well Mr. Quinsey, I am offended, annoyed and disappointed in your lack of consideration for your repeat customers, and obvious lack of knowledge in the product you sell and proper repair for damage caused by your staff. Therefore, I am spreading the word about this little story and will make sure that no one I know ever drops a single dime in your shop again. Photo is attached with the still very apparent Damage on my bike.
  5. Laurie

    What mods can be done???

    I have the hand gards although after eating some serious dirt today I think I prob need new hand guards as one is severly tweeked now :S.. As are my knees. I
  6. I have an 06 WR250F I have had the Gray Wire and throddle stop taken out, my carb jetted, and the airbox notched. I am getting the new Jardine 4 stroke pipe as son as it comes out. What else can I do to pep up my bike?
  7. Laurie

    Miles per tank?

    I must be doing something wrong. I am getting about 50 miles out of my stock tank.
  8. Laurie

    Wish you would have bought a WR450?

    I have loads of power on my 250 especially after the mods.
  9. Laurie

    Clutch issues on new 05 WR

    I have been wondering about my clutch as well. Even when I have my clutch in all the way my bike creaps forward. Is this normal?
  10. Laurie

    New Wr250f

    I have a new WR250F I have had for about 2-3 months. After you do all the free mods Gray Wire, Throddle Stop and the Airbox you will be amazed at just how powerfull the bike really is. Of course I can't seem to stay on mine but that will come with time I guess. I am just getting back into riding after a 10 year break. I ate some serious today but I love my bike and can't wait to ride again.