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  1. motoxrider121

    SnoBike for Mtn Riding

    Not sure what you mean as I said I have ridden both hawks and sleds but I agree I would love to come out. Unfortunately I wont be making it this year. We got a late start on building the new kits and they wont be done yet.
  2. motoxrider121

    SnoBike for Mtn Riding

    Do you have more info on this event. Like when it takes place and were. Thanks!
  3. motoxrider121


    Hmm, funny I actually when to ktm for their motor reliability and quality of build. I am an engineer and if you knew much about engineering and build quality you can tell just buy looking at them all which ones are built the best. As far as toughness these bikes will stand up to alot. I have tore the crap out of my 250sxf in dez 100 running 8psi in the tires and that thing is still holding up as my moto bike. I finally put a new piston in at 100 hours as the rings were shot from a time I broke a hose clamp(I had it to tight) at the dunes. The valves have never moved and the the cylinder has no scrap marks and to be honest looked new. Those of you that think ktm are so bad need to get out of you jap bubble. Those of you that think ktm are perfect also need to get out of your bubble.
  4. motoxrider121

    120 Hr Tear Down update - 08 450 SXF

    sounds like a ktm to me.
  5. motoxrider121

    SnoBike for Mtn Riding

    Snow hawks are fun in there own right but a snow bike is a DIRT BIKE with a track. It is a very different experience. The whole reason I have designed and developed a snow bike kit for the last 5 years is because I didn't really like the feel of sleds and hawks. I and many others like me want to ride our DIRT BIKE int he winter. If we wanted a sled we would get one. Im not sure if you have ridden a snowbike, and the one from snowhawk does not count but you should really try one.
  6. motoxrider121

    Received new KTM 350sxf with missing weld

    why should I get some legal advise. Ya maybe they should send him a new bike and we can all pay more for our bike next year. I agree though, he gave them is coin in good faith and they should give him a new frame and tank in good faith. Whats the point in sending a brand new bike back just to get a new frame put in. Thats a waste of everyones money. KTM should make right with him but whats the point in way over doing it. Thats like saying my fries are cold so give me a whole new meal. Take the new frys and be done with it.
  7. motoxrider121

    Received new KTM 350sxf with missing weld

    I would def ask for new frame as well and its actually pretty easy to tear these bikes down. Couple hours in a clean shop is all it takes. And you would have a new frame in.
  8. motoxrider121

    winter is hear. what do i do?

    You could always convert into a snowbike. Dont know if you get snow or just cold. Studs are cheep and work really well. You can get some cheap used 2mot kits for around 2 grand if you look hard!
  9. motoxrider121

    250f vs 450f woods/mx

    I have both which is awesome. Honestly for fun they are both great. The 250 is way easier to ride and push the bike. The 450 is much faster in the woods until it get really tight and then they are almost equal with the 250 being a little nicer to ride. On the track the 450 is way to much and tires me out quickly. The 250 is way more fun and I am ALOT faster on it. Cool part about 450 on track is the jumps that I cant make or barely make on the 250 are really easy on the 450. I have crashed right before and 40ft supercross style table and just pinned it from just before the base to the top and easily cleared it when I had to rail the corner before it on the 250 to land nicely.
  10. motoxrider121

    Where have all the Riding Areas Gone?

    Actually I live in a college town and go to school at the university. That is were they are breeding these mindless radicals. We had one come talk in one of my classes and I got him really pissed off and then ask him calmly. So what is you long term goals with what you are doing. His reply. We want to completely preserve the forest system from human interaction in every way possible, even if that means shutting them down to humans completely. A kid asked what they thought about all the dead snags in a certain LARGE part of our local forest as they are a growing concert for a large forest fire to wipe out the area killing everything alive as they are very large and everywhere. His reply Actually we are completely ok with a forest fire burning down the entire forest as it is nature. So its ok to completely destroy an area with a natural fire but its not ok to ride some dirt bikes and four wheelers. They are even trying to stop snowmobiles which go on top of everything. This is what we are fighting. If they were as noble as you seem to think we would be going to the plate asking what are we going to get for closing this area. As far as the overpopulation theory goes. I absolutely agree with you entirely and its only going to get worse.
  11. motoxrider121

    250sxf 2007 valve question

    Ya when my valves start to go on the stock ones I will just put some more stock ones in it. I have 150+ hours on an hour meter and they are still fine so the stock must be ok.
  12. motoxrider121

    Received new KTM 350sxf with missing weld

    As far as requesting a whole new bike that would just be waste of your time and money and KTM's. That would be like me saying I want a whole new bike because my crank on my 2010 had a recall. They are not going to do it and should not. Its obviously just a welded problem and as for the tank you never know what happened there. KTM outsources ALL of their parts and they come from many different places. Tell them you want a new frame and you want a KTM dealer to put it on for you as well as the new tank. Very simple!
  13. motoxrider121

    Received new KTM 350sxf with missing weld

    As for the bike I find it hard to believe KTM is working you over this as I said they sent me a new caliper that cost a SHIT ton just because my bike didn't have the right one and it was even used when I bought it! If they are trying to work you over then you shouldn't be here you should be on the phone with corporate KTM until you are satisfied with the results.
  14. If you guys are really this smart how come we are not living on mars right now and NASA cant even get a space shuttle out of orbit without perfect weather. Just curious.
  15. motoxrider121

    Chain Question?

    since when did motosport become so expensive, chains are 10 to 30 cheaper at rocky mountain mc. I looked at the Regina ORN6 and I can get it cheaper then the DID O-Ring and it is gold plated and about 50 reviews and everyone loved it. I think we may have a winner.