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  1. Many people left but alot of us stayed and more and more keep coming back. It is a nice forum setup and has some good features. Some complain about slowness but it is no slower for me than any other size and I have cable internet. There happen to be quite a few snowbikers on their too.
  2. Not sure exactly what you mean but I am not showing a soul my design until I know my work over the last five years is protected, also have to finish building it. As far as the sites I assume you mean forums and I think they like to get ad $$ from products that are out. I am not even sending people to a website yet. As for Snowest I think it is free to post product information as long as it is not spam.
  3. Will do, I will actively be posting on Snowest and Thumpertalk with updates as they come and a website later this spring as well.
  4. 4-5K isn't that bad after you see what all you are getting and the great quality of parts and service we will be providing. No go on the China thing. We are an American company and will only be using American, Canadian, and European parts. The economy is the way it is because of china manufacturers. Plus quality is one of our biggest concerns and we want to be top notch. Thanks for the offer but no thanks!
  5. Not sure what you mean as I said I have ridden both hawks and sleds but I agree I would love to come out. Unfortunately I wont be making it this year. We got a late start on building the new kits and they wont be done yet.
  6. Do you have more info on this event. Like when it takes place and were. Thanks!
  7. We will start building our final prototypes at the beginning of the new year if all goes well which it looks like it will. Then within a month or two we should have pictures of what the final product will look like and more details in general.
  8. Hmm, funny I actually when to ktm for their motor reliability and quality of build. I am an engineer and if you knew much about engineering and build quality you can tell just buy looking at them all which ones are built the best. As far as toughness these bikes will stand up to alot. I have tore the crap out of my 250sxf in dez 100 running 8psi in the tires and that thing is still holding up as my moto bike. I finally put a new piston in at 100 hours as the rings were shot from a time I broke a hose clamp(I had it to tight) at the dunes. The valves have never moved and the the cylinder has no scrap marks and to be honest looked new. Those of you that think ktm are so bad need to get out of you jap bubble. Those of you that think ktm are perfect also need to get out of your bubble.
  9. sounds like a ktm to me.
  10. Snow hawks are fun in there own right but a snow bike is a DIRT BIKE with a track. It is a very different experience. The whole reason I have designed and developed a snow bike kit for the last 5 years is because I didn't really like the feel of sleds and hawks. I and many others like me want to ride our DIRT BIKE int he winter. If we wanted a sled we would get one. Im not sure if you have ridden a snowbike, and the one from snowhawk does not count but you should really try one.
  11. We are a very new company and we dont have a website up as we are still working on some final prototyping and then patenting before we can show videos and photos of it. I will say that we have been working on it for over 5 years now and that it is a crossover style kit aimed at people who want to jump, go through powder, rough trails, jump, have alot of fun and jump. We also have about twice as much suspension travel as the timber sled and a few more inches then the 2moto. Lastly I can tell you with out mount design it should mount to most kits for less than $300. Price range will be between $4000 to $5000 depending!
  12. why should I get some legal advise. Ya maybe they should send him a new bike and we can all pay more for our bike next year. I agree though, he gave them is coin in good faith and they should give him a new frame and tank in good faith. Whats the point in sending a brand new bike back just to get a new frame put in. Thats a waste of everyones money. KTM should make right with him but whats the point in way over doing it. Thats like saying my fries are cold so give me a whole new meal. Take the new frys and be done with it.
  13. I would def ask for new frame as well and its actually pretty easy to tear these bikes down. Couple hours in a clean shop is all it takes. And you would have a new frame in.
  14. You could always convert into a snowbike. Dont know if you get snow or just cold. Studs are cheep and work really well. You can get some cheap used 2mot kits for around 2 grand if you look hard!
  15. I have both which is awesome. Honestly for fun they are both great. The 250 is way easier to ride and push the bike. The 450 is much faster in the woods until it get really tight and then they are almost equal with the 250 being a little nicer to ride. On the track the 450 is way to much and tires me out quickly. The 250 is way more fun and I am ALOT faster on it. Cool part about 450 on track is the jumps that I cant make or barely make on the 250 are really easy on the 450. I have crashed right before and 40ft supercross style table and just pinned it from just before the base to the top and easily cleared it when I had to rail the corner before it on the 250 to land nicely.