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  1. Foots454ss

    200XC or 250 XC

    We ride harescrambles in Bama. My son has a 07, 200xc. I was riding a 05, 525sx. I started riding his 200 and loved it. The 30 lbs. feels like 130 lbs. 2 hours into a race when you have to pick the bike up... I sold my 525 and found a bankruptcy auction. There was a 08, 250 xc there and not many people showed up. I got it for $1700!!!!! What a steal!!! I enjoy both bikes. The 200 is easier to ride in the tight stuff and the 250 has the big 4stroke power. I'm going to the Shane Watts dirtwise school Fri. and Sat. and should have a better feel for both afterwards...
  2. Foots454ss

    2005 RMZ450 freeze plug??

    I am working on a bike that someone put up during the winter with straight water. Now water runs straight thru to the crankcase. There is a hole beside the spark plug hole between the camshafts in the cylinder head that water runs out of. It appears a freeze plug should be in this hole. The oem pics do not show a plug. Any ideas??
  3. I traded for a 01 yz250f, we ride in the woods. It starts good cold and hot if it is shutdown with the stop button. If it stalls in tight spots it is hard to restart. It usually has to sit for awhile before it will restart. The valves are in spec. the bikes runs good and starts fairly easy as long as it is not stalled. I was told this was a cam problem with the earlier 250f's that yamaha had changed the cams on the later ones.
  4. Foots454ss

    paul whibley crf450 setup?

    I think I'm gonna sell mine and go orange.......
  5. Foots454ss

    Got my valve specs, now need some advice..

    I just adjusted my valves last night. My left intake was at zero also. I am down to the last shim in the kit (120). Looks like I will be doing some head work here shortly. I don't know why the left intake wears quicker than the right??? Each time I adjust my valves the left intake has been tighter than the right. To release the chain tensioner, take a pocket screwdriver and use a small pair of visegrips to hold the screwdriver in place. An easier way to hold your timing chain is to use a tie strap and tie your chain to your gear. Then you can remove the gear with the chain attached, let it lay in the head and not worry about the chain getting out of time with the timing gear.
  6. Foots454ss

    My first ride after bilateral knee surgery

    Sorry bout that man. I broke both of my two leg bones at my left ankle on Wed. and not sure how long I'll be out of work yet. But it was one of those freak things, the doc said it could've been alot worse without my riding boots on, so wear your gear.... I did go to a harescramble on Sunday to support my buds, hated I wasn't out there, but I will as soon as I heal up.
  7. Foots454ss

    crf450 setup for harescrambles?

    I was gonna try my first harescramble on Sunday, but broke both leg bones at my ankle on Wed. while riding a little track in my back yard. Looks like I'll be out for 4-6 weeks now. My bike already has the heavy flywheel, narrow bars, frame and radiator guards, bark busters, radiator mounts and a kickstand (don't have to hunt for a tree ).
  8. Foots454ss

    Boyeson accelerator pump cover

    What sort of jetting do you need to do??? Pilot,main or fuel screw? My cuz got one of these covers for his and said it helps the bike from stalling out so easy while woods riding...
  9. Foots454ss

    WTK// My 1st CRF 450. Have questions.!!!

    Congrats... I just bought my first also, a 03 450r. Check your hot start and make sure it is adjusted right. If I give mine any throttle while trying to start, it won't start. What part of bama you in?