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  1. Give it time, most are out riding on Sundays! I'm looking at the cycra's (bar mount) for my 06 YZ250f, but it's my first dirt bike so not sure how they'll hold up. I used the same on my atv with no problems though for about 3 years.
  2. Even though you said no full sized v8's. I'd look at them and try to convince mom. I've had 2 Dakota's now and neither of them got very good mileage. My 98 Silverado got better mileage with my, then 18 yr old lead foot, about 17-18 mpg unloaded and 14-15 loaded (then 2000-2500 lbs typical trailer weight). My 04 Dakota (4.7 v8, 4.11 rear, 5 spd auto) gets around 15 on a good day, 10-12 pulling any real load (2500-3000 lbs total) and 7 up steep grades. It pulls really well, but doesn't get good gas mileage at all.
  3. Looks as though you'll need the actuator arm for the rear brakes as well. Appears to be missing from the image you've posted above. Shows the rear brake actuator arm just above the swing arm going into the rear hub/drum