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    Maybe a new definition "Super-motocross" should start being applied to tracks that have a high amount of supercross style elements built into the track layout. I'm out here at Dublin Gap this weekend and this track is all jumps, pretty safe except for the shear drop-offs along the sides of these jumps, a rider experienced this hazard on Saturday and he will not be back this weekend, looks like about 11' drop without any fall protection. Dublin Gap does have the automated sign-up which is effortless without any waiting.
  3. I've been riding and racing since 1974 mostly in the Northeast and since have been traveling around and find more motocross tracks turning in to very big supercross tracks, this weekends race at Wildcat Creek was a perfect example, very jumpy track which impacted that crazy 50+ guy who failed the triple and was flown out. I promote that tracks try to build a supercross track when possible and turn motocross back to natural terrain or close to it. Us older guys from the northeast didn't really have any supercross style tracks in the earlier days. Winchester Speedpark in New Hampshire has done a great job defining the two disciplines.
  4. My first bike was a 1973 four stroke SL70 now I ride a YZ450F and everything in between was a two stroke
  5. Here is a collection of motocross tracks and schedules, still updating daily. Link