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    Suzuki DR 650 $250 Custom seat from stock

    The most important thing is that your happy with your choice and it worked out well for you in the end. However, the difference between an auto upholsterer and a good motorcycle seat builder are completely different. A good seat builder will consider ergonomics as the primary goal in creating comfort, also hands on experience with that particular bike plays a large roll so that both the customer and seat builder can understand each other based on their experiences of the bike. Renazco Racing caters to individualized custom seat building, rides the bikes seats are being built for, no assembly line production and also a small company which explains the long lead times. When an order is placed at Renazco, your given the actual date your seat will be built. You would never be told to call them back in 6 months but rather when you should expect production. Enjoy your DR 650
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    Creeper is always on time so his name is cleared.
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    Ya your out $375 707-526-1282 I'll be here all day James Renazco
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    Looks like the 3x3 mod for my bike is not necessary

    Good questions, yes the suede can be cut to accomodate less tension but then we get into a frankenstein upholstery job, something very few are willing to accept. Vinyl on the other hand is so forgiving that it's a pleasure to work with. The Corbin pans are unique in that they use fiberglass pans, there are pros and cons with these type of pans. By building a fiberglass pan (specifically for a DRZ) you can essentially make them wider which allows the seat builder to utilize the rear/butt section for better foam support. You can also use suede or leather and pull as hard as you want without fighting a weak or flimsy seat pan. On the flip side, fibergalss is very heavy and it requires that you rivet the seat cover to the pan, it will not except staples unless you do extensive modifications. I've also had many broken fiberglass pans come through my shop, most being used in offroad. James
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    Looks like the 3x3 mod for my bike is not necessary

    Yvonne, I see that you decided to go public with this and that's fine by me as I would like everyone to know what occured here. I first met Yvonne several months ago and I spent about two hours with her helping her with her bike. I gave her contact info for a good suspension guy locally that can help lowering her bike, etc. I showed her all the materials I carry and went over several possiblities all while explaining to her the seat I can build her. I was very clear that the seat I can build her would be stock height and that I would do my very best to make it as low as possible. I call my lower version seats "rallye low" as it's the lowest seat I can build while retaining relative ergonomic comfort. DRZ seats leave very little we can work on because of the flimsy seat pan and the very little foam they use from factory. I offered Yvonne to build her seat off a brand new Gel seat I had in stock (identical seat pan as OEM) so she wouldn't have to ship her seat to me and she can continue to enjoy riding her bike. She inspected the seat pan and made carefull observations commenting on the OEM stickers being different from one pan to another. I explained to her that the pans were the same but had different build dates stamped on them. Yvonne insisted on red suede and I highly advised her to not go with red suede, she insisted that this is what she wanted so we went with it. I special ordered the suede, embroidery thread and sticthing thread, something I don't have in stock and never use. She picked up her seat last week. She was happy with the seat untill she sat on it complaining that it was jeopardizing her safety due to height. She pulled the seat off and I put both seats on the table showing her that both seats were the same height, in fact the modified seat appeared slightly lower in my opinion. She seemed extremely upset and didn't want to reason with me so I offered to give her a full refund several times... she refused. She insisted I lower the seat regardless if it jeopardized her comfort, I gave in to her demands. The seat was lowered and shipped back to her at my expense. Making a suede cover work on a lower than normal DRZ seat is brutal, you have to pull really hard on the suede to make the cover work on the pan. Coincidently this can cause some distortion to the pan causing the front part of the seat to pull back from the tank as her photo clearly illustrates. I agree that doesn't look good and I should have listened to my gut feeling and sent her money back rather then deal with what seems like a nightmare at this point. Yvonne has contacted my partner (Chris) in Seattle this morning asking him if he could fix her seat rather then contacting me directly to see if I was willing to continue to be of some help. I wish there was something I could do for Yvonne but I'm afraid I have run out of options. Below are the before and after pictures for your viewing. Yvonne, I'm still more then willing to give you a full refund once I receive the seat back. Pictures of bike when we initially mounted the seat, Picture of modified super low seat per customers instructions,