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  1. 89 240ss

    DRZ SM turbo vid...

    I'm actually quite intrigued by this subject, adding more power. is there any kits or ways to put nitrous on a drz?
  2. 89 240ss

    juice able?

    seen as how my history is in the small block chevy, and some of my fellow riders have gotten nitrous kits for their street bikes, wondering if it was feasiable to put some sort of nitrous kit on my 04 klx400sr. assuming it would be a modified dry kit, I assume that I would have to re-jet possiably just using the fuel mixture screw. jsut looking for some added juice to get me down the track a little faster 24 days out of the year. let me know your comments, questions/concerns
  3. stock gearing on my 04 klx400sr did 140km/h for a 300km ride, fueled up mid way, but it didn't run hot, I was happy thats assuming my speedo is accurate
  4. 89 240ss

    Damn, Cylinder in Great Condition

    adn that is where I was totally mistaken, my bad
  5. 89 240ss

    Damn, Cylinder in Great Condition

    just to let you know where I got my 'theroy' from. almost every engine I've rebuilt, (mostly HD diesel CAT and detroit, a few small block chevs too) they have had no pattern left on them, including one big block that I tore down with 36000km on it. (he wanted new pistons, lower compression, for his supercharger. but thats just my understanding. however by all means I am man enough to admit that there is a chance that I could be wrong
  6. 89 240ss

    Damn, Cylinder in Great Condition

    with that many miles your rings should of set, I'd say it wasn't broken in properly... cross hatch should be gone in less than 2000 mi.
  7. so I painted my bike a few weeks ago. waxed her up this weekend. looks good, however I wasn't happy with the aluminum. so I busted out the power sander, took the clear coating off and polished to a bright shine, WOW huge improvement. I just can't wait till winter to polish all the parts I couldn't get to, engine, rear shock, subframe, tripple clamps. ohh its going to be great. I'd post pics but I'm computer illerate, if there is anyone in calgary with a digi-cam and abilitys to post, please PM me
  8. 89 240ss

    21" E model motard?

    for sure. not only cornering... braking, accelerating. and even if your over-all weight is the same as with a 21" you have effectively less rotating mass, and loosing un-sprung weight is always good
  9. pm me, what do you want for it, as is, no paint. pressure tested, I assume. I too am a fabricator so I was planning on re-vamping it this winter, unless the price is right
  10. 89 240ss

    Another FCR HP/MPG Question

    my bike is J-spec, throttle is on the left side, J/K lol
  11. all I know is that if it crossed my path I would lay down for it. that screams 'death to all others'
  12. 89 240ss

    21" E model motard?

    and the reason people swap to 17's is to use stickier rubber, like the ones that are made for crotch rocket tires, plus you get less wheel deflection with a smaller tire, not to mention that they are wider. just a little insite
  13. 89 240ss

    Hard or soft

    I run mine all the way stiff, but I corner like a bat out of hell. on MT21's none the less, (I don't do any off roading anymore, waiting till winter to build the KLX-SM. at any rate I usually bring it up to about 35-40 Km/h (22-25 Mi/h , I think) let off the throttle completely and coast down to 30-35 km/h (18-22 mi/h) then bust the throttle wide open. it cracks it up easily. give it a shot, keep me posted
  14. 89 240ss

    SM setup question

    who is the supplier of the spokes, all the shops in my area are supermoto illerate. and they are saying its not possiable to use the stock hubs, I called bull s**t on that. at any rate, I too am looking to do the cheepest SM possiable, I was concitering getting a 21" street tire, and do the big brakes, until I saw it on a honda the other day (cringe) so I'm not going that route any more
  15. 89 240ss

    Is this a decent horn?

    if you are running an SM would it be feasiable to mount it under the rear fender????