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  1. dub3406

    another jumping question

    Dude if your out there all alone ...DON'T DO IT! It's not worth the risk of getting hurt with no one around. Last (if someone is around) your bike will handle that just fine. Thats a norm distance of many tracks out here in cali as far as tables and triples are concerned. The only way any bike would not handle it is if the rider is not landing correctly.
  2. dub3406

    Leatt Brace fitting?

    same, if you notice it something is wrong!
  3. what sucks is riding my bike is what gets me away from bozo's like you and when I say YOU, I mean people that feel the need to discuss politics on a motorcycle thread!!! Man, really? Do we have to do this here?
  4. dub3406

    How Does Yamaha Do It?

    Yamaha is the Notre Dame of bikes. Comes around every now and then...
  5. dub3406

    White bros exhaust or yoshimura?

    man, I would hate to say but don't go with the white brothers system. I have the E2 and the tabs that attach the bolts to the frame snapped. Overall just not to satisfied.
  6. finally someone who knows what there talking about :ride: :ride:
  7. dub3406

    60' double *PICS*

    you know what . for once im speachless. that was great(the finger!). thats the only way to make someone to eat there words. MAD PROPS!!!! your the man.... in MY FACE!!! whoops I was on my dads page.
  8. dub3406

    I cased a 60' double

  9. dub3406

    I cased a 60' double

    I dont believe you for some reason! Most that say "oh I hit a 60 ft dbl and blah blah blahh..." are lying or really do not know how to judge distance. Somtimes it feels farther then it is. Lets see some pics ther big guy!! i know you have nothing to prove to me but I'm just sayin...
  10. dub3406

    Rode Elk Basin MT today...........

    I'm from butte where is elk basin?
  11. dub3406

    first race

    My dad is 54 and raced for the first time in 20 years last weekend or two weekends ago out at Lacern/ Johnson valley. Finished the race 60th overall and 5th in his class. It was a hair and hound race. Any district 37 desert race would be just fine for you. I raced the Adelanto Grand Prix for the first time ever and I'm telling you there is nothing like it. Just go for it and have fun.
  12. Lame and a waste on money dont buy it:naughty: