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  1. man a race ready within 2 years !!!! props to ktm for steppin it uppp ^^^^^^
  2. geekyguy

    anyone ?

    ill pm both of you guys
  3. geekyguy

    anyone ?

    Does anyone here do payroll for any business/company ?
  4. geekyguy

    UT + CO: What do you do for a living?

    unemployed ^^
  5. geekyguy

    Some more Scottish SM photos....

    I thougt it was a rmz450 this whole time
  6. geekyguy

    Get rid of Erin Bates ASAP

    wait what ever happened to jamie little. and i think that if we get enough votes we can make this naked erin bates thing to work
  7. geekyguy

    whats the shortest front fender?

    i think the stock ktm fender is the perfect size
  8. geekyguy

    Chinese bikes Group-buy??

    the first bike is bad ass man get a group on that
  9. geekyguy

    Some more Scottish SM photos....

    thats awsome man nice bike
  10. geekyguy

    Has this happened to anyone's 07 KX250F?

    good thing there arnt any bad california reports about this
  11. geekyguy

    "my bike basically got a makeover" also

    those moto sport graphics are nice not something everyone has like monster graphics.
  12. geekyguy

    Parts Interchangeability?

    why wouldnt the 09 parts work on the 06-08 ?? From what i see here the 09 looks alot like the previous years http://www.nextautos.com/kawasaki-releases-2009-kx450f?gid=8756&nid=23801
  13. geekyguy


    i decided to stop my build and part my bike. i know this should be in the classifieds and it will be. I have a ishock, dress up kit, new renthal 7/8 mini bend, pod air filter with jets to rejet the stock carb, 2bros shifter. also stock seat new, exhaust and pegmount with custom pegs. PM me if interested. im getting out of pit bikes for now even if they are fun. Im going to be selling my klx110 and kx125 and leaving mx behind to try supermoto.
  14. geekyguy

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    thats a nice bike but i dont get why they call this a supermotard. TO me it looks like a normal street bike. For me a supermotard bike is a dirtbike with slicks. Any of you think that way too ??