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  1. packman

    2011 Husky TE 450 cutting out ....

    Well popped it to the dealers today ... and guess what it can't or won't comumicate with the diagnostic kit
  2. packman

    2011 Husky TE 450 cutting out ....

    Ok so mine starts on the button from cold it will run all day in the garage with the fan cutting in and out. You turn it off or stall it and it won't start. It has a job turning over like the timing is out. The fault logo is up on the dash but does not flash at all. Leave it 20 mins half hour and it will start WTF is going on ?????
  3. Hi there people ... ok well got a friends Husky TE 450 with the RED cam cover .... it starts on the button from cold and idles great then it cuts out and wont start .... you leave it for 10-20 mins and it will start again .... the FAULT light is flashing but before i get my pants pulled to one side with a dealer is there anything i can check ..... One thing thou ive started it this morning again started on the button run for 15 mins great i turned it off and then nothing but it was trying to turn over but it was if the battery was flat ....its got a new battery on it and fully charged ????? Anyone ?
  4. packman

    Crf 250 jetting

    Ok folks so what about here at sea level in the uk .... im running a larger pump bowl and a recluse clutch ... tappets are in spec but sometimes a right pig the start ... motor has 10 hrs on new everything Pro built ...
  5. packman

    Suzuki Suzuki LT 80 no spark

    Hi guys ... just brought a 2004 suzuki lt 80 quad .. there is no spark , there is also no power going to the coil on cranking any ideas ? the coil has 2 pins + & - and is separate from the regulator .... Also does anyone know the resistance values for the coil and regulator ? is there a PDF manual anywhere ?
  6. packman

    Drz front fork springs ...

    Thanks for that areonaut , my suspension guy said between .56 and .58 but the latter would be idea .... he said for what ive done it would be best not to shim anything out and get it done properly. If i need it a bit stiff or softer i will either add or reduce the fork oil level ... i will mail Cannon RaceCraft and see what they say thanks again ...
  7. packman

    Drz front fork springs ...

    Ok hands up ive not been on here for about 2 years ..... What im after is does anyone know were i can get a pair of .58 front springs for a set of Drz forks.... The reason is ive transplanted a pair onto my 1996 Africa Twin ...... now the Drz was around 134 kgs the Africa Twin is 240kgs so you can see why .... Is Eddie still on here as he was everything Drz ....
  8. packman

    2012 KX 250 F fork oil change .....

    Hey guys has anyone got a link or how to the change the fork oil in a 2012 kx 250 F ?
  9. packman

    1995 cr125 fork diagram

    I need to replace the seals within my 1995 cr125 and want a blow up of the fork internals anybody got a diagram ......
  10. packman

    2006 CR500AF build thread

    Ive never seen a tig type welder like that ..... loving the thread great build....
  11. Now that is very very nice .....
  12. packman

    AJP PR5 Anyone know about these bikes?

    We have them here in the uk , personlly id not go near them ..... save up and get a XR 250 or similar .....
  13. packman

    gearing for dz wheelies

    436 and full yosi 15/36 off the throttle in 2nd through to 5th ......
  14. packman

    Who has the Hightest Mile DRZ?

    Sold mine 6 months ago. I had it from new and the only thing left standard was the frame and bottom end. 43000 miles ..... 96 750 Africa Twin 04 GaSGas 300 ec
  15. packman

    New Girlfriend

    Very nice dont drop it ! 04 GG 300EC