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  1. the original dirt junkie

    Spare Parts

    Help Me Please, I,m in the United Kingdom and nowhere is there to be found a FRONT AXLE CLAMP for a 1999 XR250R, does anyone have one or knows of one that I can purchase. I,ve now been bikeless for three weeks and its not good. many thanks in advance.
  2. the original dirt junkie

    Wanted !!!

    Has anyone out there got a front axle clamp (the little bit that holds the axle in place by four nuts on the right hand fork leg as you sit on the bike) for a 1999 XR250R UK bike. Yes I will pay for this part aswell my fellow thumpers Many thanks to whoever comes up with one
  3. the original dirt junkie

    lube your xr swingarm pivot bolt ragularly

    Had the same problem with my 250. elctric saw no good 2 ton strong back no goob big hammer and drift no good in the bike shop 2 weeks no good . in the end i sprayed a product called PLUSGAS into all the bits i could of the swing arm i did this every night for 5 days then gave it a wack with a hammmer and drift and out it popped big releif. Anyway what i found was, was that the swing arm bolt will turn BUT WHAT IT DOES IS IT STICKS TO THE BEARINGS AND THEY TURN ASWELL, SO TURNING THE BOLT EVERY NOW AND AGAIN MIGHT NOT BE ENOUGH, so just bite the bullet and take it all out and grease it up every six months or so. Happy riding.