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  1. Chasman366

    Break In?

    For my SM510, I ran it around on the street pretty strong but never at the red line and kept the speed varied. I put four hours the motor that way then droped the oil, changed/cleaned the filters and took it to a track day for four more hours of anger management. Changed the oil again and all is good. I had almost no metalic traces after the second oil change. Chasman
  2. Chasman366

    First ride with new gearing!!!

    What part number are you ordering for the counter sprocket from SS for the 450/510 four strokes?
  3. Chasman366

    Any word on USA SMRs?

    My dealer called yesterday 3/23/06 and said my SM510 would be there on Monday and ready to pick up mid week after prep. So I guess they are here! My dealer is in Dover Ohio. Chasman
  4. Is anybody using the 16T (or other T) sprocket from Sprocket Specialities part #538H on their 04 or 05 450/510? Can't seem to get a definite match. Called Patroit Sprockets and they didn't have any counter sprockets for Husky's. Any Ideas or sources would be helpful. Chasman
  5. Chasman366

    Throttle Stop Removal

    KFXBob Did you need a replacement allen screw in place of the throttle stop? I haven't installed my JD kit yet due to the long (sticky) jetting thread that says you need a SUDCO part which is the replacement screw to the throttle stop. Plus my bike hasn't arrived yet either. Did your bike come with this screw? Chasman
  6. Chasman366

    Any word on USA SMRs?

    Ordered mine on 1/30/06 and was told two to three weeks. So far I haven't heard a thing. I'm dying with ya ... but the weather sucks here in Ohio anyway.
  7. Chasman366

    Who makes carbon fiber for Huskies?

    Eric Check the post prior to your last one. See if it's any help. Chasman
  8. Chasman366

    Who makes carbon fiber for Huskies?

    Eric Best of luck on your endeavor. I'm a partner in a large national accounting firm (25yrs) and have dealt with many a start-up or expansion company. I would venture to guess that you're right that most of the carbon bits are coming from across the pond. I would think the production runs are not very large and the manufacturers would be small. Hard to say how much would be done in China. As I'm sure you know, Bike Johnny in the UK sells alot of carbon and fibre products. The two companies they appear to deal with are (1) "Creations Engine Armour" now called "Tay Pro Tec" and (2) Hansell Composites Ltd. selling under the name "Fibre-Lite". The latter looks like a small production shop in the UK. Kent I think. It's a long shot but who knows. You may even have a shot at being the US expansion to Bike Johnny. Shipping to the US has to limit their custome base. Another option, depending on your seriousness, is to contact a manufacturing consultant in the St. Paul-Minneappolis area, write them a BIG check, and they could find just about every manufacturing company in the world that has ever glued two pieces of carbon together. A cheaper option would be to find a friend, acquaintance, whoever, that works for an engineering firm, architectural frim, or patent attorney. These guys usually have the same access to the industry search guides that you must subscribe to for a hefty fee. Not sure if this is any help but I hope you can pull it off. Still waiting for my 06 sm510 to show up. Who ever said that old accountants can't have a little supermoto fun!