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  1. Wondering If You Could Help Me . I Have A 400sx Bottom End And A 520 Crank And Top End. Im Having Some Trouble With Jetting Im Getting Some Popping On Deaccel. Played With It A Little Also The Idle Revs Up When You Pull In The Clutch. Should It Be Jetted For A 520 ? Also It Says In The Owners Manual After 200 Hour All Jets And Needles Need Replaced , Would This Have A Impact.
  2. I want to put the RM-RMZ style forks on my drz. Does anybody know which style or year forks I will need to get? Also, what other changes will I have to make to the bike? Any help would be greatly helpful. Oh yeah, anyone know where I can buy some forks that will work?
  3. kwingy

    DRZ 400E Jetting

    Thank you so much!
  4. kwingy

    DRZ 400E Jetting

    I am going to buy the JD kit. Could you please tell me where the settings need to be. Thanks. Ken
  5. kwingy

    DRZ 400E Jetting

    What kit should I get if the dyno jet kit isn`t the right choice? Yes i already installed it but I want this to be right. Thank you.
  6. I have a 2001 drz 400E with a FMF core 4 slipon and a dyno jet kit. I mostly ride in altitudes of 1500-2200 feet. Could you please tell me where I should set all of the settings? Also, should I do the 3 X 3 cutting that everyone is talking about? (what does this actually consists of) Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Ken
  7. kwingy

    New here,01 DRZ400E oversprung

    I will swap you front ends. I have a stock set up in 2001 drz 400.