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  1. I just went throught the process of having a XR 400 made street legal in VA. The first thing I did was have my Honda dealer install a baja designs dual sport kit and do a state inspection. They also installed a speedo and mirror from baja design. They thought I would just have to take the COA and inspection certificate to the DMV and get tags. They were wrong because the COA clearly said for off road use only. However, you can file for a reconstructed vehicle title. You simply fill out the form and send it in to Richmond. You need an affidavit stating what was done and pictures of the bike as modified. Once Richmond has the paperwork and fees, they have an inspector call you to come out and look at the vehicle. The inspector just checked the VIN and compared the pictures to the actual bike. The inspection took two minutes and then he handed me a title. The whole process took about a month.