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  1. Anyone know the stock chain length for the 2005 TC250? Not at home to check it and want to order a new chain.
  2. rrwantr


    Watch it over in HD in slow mo...I did like 10 times. Chisolm was locked up on the brakes from the moment he came down from the table into the corner trying to stop...heck he almost took out stewart too. He tried to scrub as much speed off before getting off the brakes at the last second trying to turn to AVOID Reed. Unintentional imho.
  3. rrwantr

    06 fork height

    What's the stock 06 fork height in regards to the top of the triple? There's no line on my 06 forks as far as I can see.
  4. rrwantr

    tracks thanksgiving weekend.....

    I believe me and a couple buddies will be hitting CE or 395 on Fri
  5. rrwantr

    The Official Turkey Day TT trip to Spangler

    Redrock/randsburg rd is closed after pretty much any measurable rain. Possibly be open by Fri, but I wouldn't count on it. Easiest way if you're coming up the 14 through palmdale, just continue on to Mojave. When you hit 58 take it east to 395 and head north to Searles Station Rd and then continue with old mans directions. Riding was awesome out here (around Spangler) today after the rain! Traction was awesome. Got some more rain this evening too.
  6. rrwantr

    Rain in the El Paso's?

    Should be good. Was out riding this afternoon between spangler and Ridgecrest and it was awesome out. Traction was great. We're getting more rain as I type this.
  7. No sticker needed for private tracks.
  8. rrwantr

    Best mx track for a begginer?

    5point, Give me an email or something via pm and I'll let you know when we go riding. I'm in RC also and go to tracks every so often (1-2 or more a month now it seems). Was at 395 on Sat and yesterday. Did CE a couple weeks ago. I go to CE, 395, Starwest, Milestone. Plan on hitting LCR and AV soon. The hillside track at CE is good for a beginner as well as the vet track at 395. Milestone vet and int track are decent also for beginners.
  9. rrwantr

    2004 yz125 5 or 6?

    that's what I thought...that he may have got an 05...but 05 is the first year of the Al frame and his is steel.
  10. rrwantr

    2004 yz125 5 or 6?

    And now I have another guy on another site saying the 04 is 6... So geeeeessshhhh...this is confusing. lol Edit: Now he's not sure..he was basing it off his 98 being a 6 spd lol Yamahas own site says 5 spd...in Europe at least.. lol http://www.yamaha-motor-europe.com/designcafe/en/archive/tech_specs/?Component=tcm:71-263374&PageTitle=Technical%20Specifications%202004-YZ125
  11. rrwantr

    2004 yz125 5 or 6?

    His is the blue steel frame....but he swears his is a 6 spd...and he should know. He's an engineer and works on bikes all the time...
  12. rrwantr

    2004 yz125 5 or 6?

    He said his stock was 6 spd...and i believe he bought it new. 2005 they went back to 6 spd.
  13. rrwantr

    2004 yz125 5 or 6?

    Yes...all the info I can find (see below) says the same....but he has one he says is an 04 and is a 6 spd.... Anyone HAVE an 04 that's a 5 spd. He won't believe internet links to specs as he says he knows his bike...which I tend to believe, but EVERY bit of printed info I can find says the 04s are 5 spds. http://www.dirtrider.com/tests/motocross/141_0309_2004_yamaha_yz125/index.html http://www.powersportsnetwork.com/enthusiasts/pre_owned_detail.asp?PreOwnedVehicleCode=958625 http://www.motorcycle.com/specs/yamaha/off-road/2004/yz/125.html http://www.motorcyclistonline.com/2004/yamaha/yz/125/specifications/352/05/index.html 02 http://fiche.ronayers.com/Index.cfm/Module/Main/TypeID/26/Type/Motorcycle/MakeID/4/Make/Yamaha/YearID/43/Year/2002/ModelID/5945/Model/ YZ125/GroupID/240869/Group/TRANSMISSION 03 http://fiche.ronayers.com/Index.cfm/Module/Main/TypeID/26/Type/Motorcycle/MakeID/4/Make/Yamaha/YearID/44/Year/2003/ModelID/5997/Model/ YZ125/GroupID/242527/Group/TRANSMISSION 04 http://fiche.ronayers.com/Index.cfm/Module/Main/TypeID/26/Type/Motorcycle/MakeID/4/Make/Yamaha/YearID/45/Year/2004/ModelID/6116/Model/ YZ125/GroupID/246927/Group/TRANSMISSION 05 showing 6 spd http://fiche.ronayers.com/Index.cfm/Module/Main/TypeID/26/Type/Motorcycle/MakeID/4/Make/Yamaha/YearID/46/Year/2005/ModelID/1790/Model/ YZ125T1_YZ125/GroupID/340624/Group/TRANSMISSION_
  14. rrwantr

    2004 yz125 5 or 6?

    04 yz125 a 5 spd or 6? All online parts fiche and specs show it as a 5 spd (like every link I can find), but a friend has one he says is an 04 and he says it's a 6.. Everything I can find shows the 02-04 yz125 as having 5 spd trannys.. Is every link I can find including the yamaha parts fiche itself incorrect? And no Earl, you can't reply.. lol
  15. rrwantr

    I just stripped the engine oil drain plug!

    Timeserts are better than helicoils...