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  1. Goodman Racing

    Honda 2003 TRX 450 FMS Service Manual

    Hey guys, just wondering if you have ever ran across a elctronic service manual for this quad? I am putting the top end back together and was needing torque specs, etc. If not, do you know where I can get a paper copy at the best price? Thanks!
  2. Goodman Racing

    Rear Sprocket

    Great responses, but I totally agree with Open Class! You should always gear to the different tracks you ride on. I have a off-road and mx version of the '06 450, and they are as different as night and day. MX I absolutely love the 13/48 combo (especially on the starts!) MOST of the time, but there are times I'll run the 13/50 gearing also (tighter tracks etc..). My off-road bike never gets below a 13/50 combo in any GNCC'c or Hare Scrambles, and I have a 51/ 52/ 53 also for different off road courses. I run the Vortex sprockets and absolutely love them, heck they just survived three hours at the IRONMAN GNCC with all the rocks and mud (wasted a rear brake rotor, but the sprocket side was fine!). Anyhoo, never be satisfied with one set of gears, as a little testing will make a good bike great!
  3. Goodman Racing

    Flywheel weight difference??

    Well I'll have my 9oz. weight and 13/51 combination gearing on for this weekends MSHS at Lynnville. I'll tell you guys how the new flywheel worked, heard the course is tough! Type at ya later P.S. Here is a link to it; www.msws.org
  4. Goodman Racing

    Flywheel weight difference??

    I did find the flywheel weight on Steahly's website (while talking to them)!! I thought they were in alphabetical order, my bad!! Thanks for the help guys, and I'll be putting the 9oz on this winter!
  5. Goodman Racing

    Flywheel weight difference??

    Oops, kinda forgot about the starter! Gonna keep searching around until I can find a replacement (really don't need it till next year), left Stealy a message, maybe they can tell me something. Thanks again fro the info!
  6. Goodman Racing

    Flywheel weight difference??

    Thanks again guys! And thanks for the trouble Kwik Kwak of weighing yours! Me and my buddy were talking last night, and we both wondered if the KLX flywheel would interchange with the KXF? BTW, I checked the Stealy website and couldn't find one for my '06 KXF450? Thanks again for all the help!
  7. Goodman Racing

    Flywheel weight difference??

    Sweet! Thanks a lot!
  8. Goodman Racing

    Flywheel weight difference??

    Hey guys, thought you might be the ones to ask about this. I own a '06 KXF450 and want to match the flywheel weight to that of the KLX450R, so does anyone know what flywheel weight I would need to match it?? Thanks!
  9. Goodman Racing

    Advise for the BAJA 500!

    Hey that was pretty heavy! But I really appreciate everything you guys have told me! As being a rider since I was 8 years old, it is a constant struggle to find something that gets the old blood going anymore, and I have to admit that watching "Dust to Glory" last year gave me the fever baaaad! Just starting to race the GNCC's this year really gave me a taste of how demanding off-road really is, and I have had a new-found respect for the off-road guys for sure! Now I am extremely hooked on the off-road (I can still throw down a moto though!), and plan on hitting the North Carolina and Indiana rounds of the GNCC series to finish off the year! I think the B250 will be do-able, as long as I have the funds! But when is the B250? That will also be what decides it! Thanks again guys!
  10. Goodman Racing

    Advise for the BAJA 500!

    Well, I can say that the "racing on my 40th birthday" thing was just convenient, but the money is not! It will be very costly for me to come out to the west coast and race, not to mention the time I have to take off from work! I do expect the race to be of epic proportions of the "things in my life that I've accomplished", and anxiously await when the time gets here!! I do not look forward to the finish, however, as my life's goals will have been met and I will be forever looking for the next goal:cry: !!! I am going to have to seriously figure out if I can do the 250 before the 500, or if the 500 is it. I had planned on trying to run the GNCC series this next year, then do baja, but I definitely can't do both the same year (again with the money issue!). Thanks again for the info, and keep it coming!
  11. Goodman Racing

    Advise for the BAJA 500!

    OK, I think I've got my training down pat. Stay up for 21 hours a day eating twinkies and drinking booze, practice riding with my seat off with a torch attached while trying to catch the perfect wave. Is that it, or did I miss anything?? Butt seriously, you guys are great!
  12. Goodman Racing

    Advise for the BAJA 500!

    I tell ya, after hearing from gdbarr1976, I think that I have to race it! It sounds like sooo much fun, and a really good challenge !! I am really thinking seriously about the 250 in '08 also, as that would really let me get my feet wet before diving into the deep end!! I have contacted BajaBound and really am thinking about doing something like that at least for the first time, so I don't have to try to figure out all of the logistics without experience! But one big question...what do you guys do physically to prepare for the race?? I run 5 miles three days a week, and lift weights two times a week, and usually ride 50 miles offroad or race three mx classes one day on the weekend. Do I need to do any more?? I know it's a pretty broad question, but give me your best!
  13. Goodman Racing

    Advise for the BAJA 500!

    Hey guys! I currently ride/ race motocross, GP, Harescrambles and GNCC. I plan on racing the BAJA 500 for my 40th birthday in '09, and wanted to know of anything of importance that I need to know! I have gotten great advise already from JWALL525, and I know there is a lot a person could cover, but just let me know of the "must have" stuff! Oh yeh, I'll be riding a KX450F also!
  14. Goodman Racing

    4 Speed slush box 06 450

    Wow guys, you sure are bent on a five speed tranny! I have had a '06 since it first hit the showroom floor, and I just bought another 06' to KEEP the four speed tranny! Don't really understand why you need the extra gear, as I ride GNCC, GP's, Mid-South HS, AND motocross at national caliber tracks and have never needed more speed or torque! I actually don't know what I'm going to do after I wear my last '06 out (I love the four speed that much), do you guys just like to shift more?? I run 13/50 in the woods, and 13/48 on the mx tracks, and I have never needed to go any faster! I do plan on running the 2009 BAJA 500, so maybe then I'll need the five speed!!
  15. Goodman Racing

    KX450F Woods Weapons

    Would love to show you guys mine, but I have no idea how to get it on the page?? PM me and give me some computer advise please!!