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    CDI gremlin?

    I know this thread is old but a big right on to bigdrtrdr!! I was going nutz with my 98 wr 400. It just started to not idle out of no where. I took the carb off twice never looking at the slide. I had it off today and was searching the threads and sure enough it had two huge cracks and ready to be eaten like PBDBLUE wrote. Thanks to Bartelby for posting!
  2. mcuzo

    wr400 question

    XR, I bought a used 98 WR400 a couple months ago for $1675 and had to put plates, springs, left side radiator, front & rear sprockets and rear tire on it when I picked it up. I think a 2000 should go for around 2K so maybe you are right to be cautious. Sometimes you get a break though. I agree with Dan. See how easy it starts and go through the gears. This is my first 4 and noticed the valves are a a little more noisey than I am used to. Maybe this is why you mentioned the valves? My buddy has a a 2001 yz426 and it sounds the same. No smoke, no joke. Just bang gears! Go luck!