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  1. 808 AIR

    How to start YZ 426 F when its hot

    Michael, What i usually do is hold the decomp. lever in, with the kick start lever, kick it through about 10-12 times, pull the hot start button, and continue on with the "drill", i find that sometimes find that turning up the idle screw helps too. Good Luck! E
  2. 808 AIR

    Hawaii Ridin' Photos

    I belive thats on Kauai.
  3. You sound purfectly normal to me! After several broken bones and torn ligaments... people are telling me to stop riding.. i think they are the crazy ones!
  4. 808 AIR

    426 gearing

    I hated the stock set up of 14/49 so i went to a 12/49 and compleetly lost my top end. i dont suggest going this route. Im probably going to try a 14/52 set-up next and see how that goes. I do alot of trails and following my kids arround, but i also like to open it up on the track, so i have yet to find my happy medium. good luck.
  5. 808 AIR

    2006 SE in Hawaii, any takers?

    Yeah i heard its similar to SOCAL. The median priced home is between 600,000-700,000 Wendys Bacon Cheese Burgers. And as far as "Hawaiians" being mean to white people,... there are some. But for the most part the majority of people here live "aloha". On the other hand, I was born and raised here, my dad's hawaiian and my mom is Blond hair blue eyes from Wyoming, When i was a kid and went to visit my relatives in WY, my own cousins treated me like i had a desease, just because i was different, color, the way i talked and stuff you know. But its cool, i got over it. So its not just Hawaii that has racial problems. I think anywhere you go in the world the bad apples will stick out like a rookie on the expert MX track on any given sunday! Live Aloha my friends, Eric
  6. 808 AIR

    2006 SE in Hawaii, any takers?

    Right on.. I ride in my back yard in Waianae, i sometimes go to Kahuku. Just got my 426 2 weeks ago and found this place. Seems like a wealth of info on here. Nice to meet you my Kahuku speed bump friend. Anyway.. dont wanna hijack this thread. At South Seas a '06 YZ450F was quoted to me for $7,850.00 BEFORE taxes! So yeah.. i always buy used. FYI: Frosted Flakes - $5 a box Gallon of Milk - $4 on sale GAS - $2.65/Gal. ( i remember when i could ride all weekend with 5 bucks! ) Sitting on the beach watching women in bikinis in early Feb. $FREE! Mahalo, Eric
  7. 808 AIR

    2006 SE in Hawaii, any takers?

    Aloha! Lurking for a week.. decided to jump in. Yeah everything in Hawaii is expensive, well except going to the beach. Sick places to ride though! Info on me: 33 Originally from the Big Island Living on Oahu for the past 6 yrs 2001 YZ426F Meat Grinder. Any other guys in here from Hawaii? Eric