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  1. kxthumper

    Motomouths Ride! Sweeeet!!!!

    oka, i just looked at motomouths bike and its got a sticker kit!!! wow, he aint got nothin a phone call and credit card cant get u!!! if he has a hook, its not at the kaw race shop!!!!! its at a kawaski dealer ship!!!!!!
  2. kxthumper

    Motomouths Ride! Sweeeet!!!!

    o yaaaa, are all u pepole stupid? i think so, or maybe just nieve!!! stock cluct cover on the factory kx, no not even close!!! im going to look at motomouths bike and brake down to u pepole the truth about his bike
  3. kxthumper

    Motomouths Ride! Sweeeet!!!!

    what, u think they just paint the shit????? ive been reading what u got to say and im laughing!!!!!! u dont even lie good motomouth