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  1. ryder1

    z50 pipe

    well what was the pipe and where did you get it...also does it need those spaces because mine got tlost and if so do you know where to find it
  2. ryder1

    z50 pipe

    i lost my exhaust spacer and now i just want a new pipe do yall think a crf 50 pipe will work?
  3. ryder1

    z50 plus loncin?

    So theres no way i can get my bike to look newer? also can i get a swing arm from a xr/crf 50 to fit the z so i could run the skinnier tires?
  4. ryder1

    z50 plus loncin?

    I have a 92 z50 with procircuit suspinsion takegawa(spell)? tripple clamps. 1in bar risers. protapered high rise bars extended swing arm. well my tranny went out on the origan 50 motor that was bored out 70 so i purchesed a loncin 125 4 speed motor for 182$ is thsi thing gonna last wa while or did i screw up...its not a big deal seeing how i have 200 in the bike including the new motor also will a crf tank and shroud plastics fit... also i need tires any suggestions