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  1. crf80cag

    Help With Crf80

    most power as in best
  2. crf80cag

    Help With Crf80

    i want the BEST pipe which one is best
  3. crf80cag

    Help With Crf80

    has anyone tried or heard about this outlaw pipe? http://www.xr100.com/outlaw_series_exhaust_pipes.htm
  4. crf80cag

    Help With Crf80

    ??? which one?
  5. crf80cag

    Help With Crf80

    hey my name is Corey i live in AL and i am looking for an exhaust system for my CRF 80. i don't mind the price, which exhaust system should i get? answers and reviews please
  6. crf80cag

    crf80 exhaust

    i am not looking to buy a used 1 i want a NEW 1
  7. crf80cag

    crf80 exhaust

    Hi my name is Corey i live in AL, I have an 05 CRF80 and i want a pipe on it, but i don't know what pipe to go with. I have looked into FMF but then i read that they sucked. so i want something that will boost my power up in all ranges. I have looked at the BBR, Yoshi, PC, white bros, DMC, and big gun. Which is the best? please reply back with reviews and answers. Thanks, Corey
  8. crf80cag

    BBR vs. DMC exhaust

    Now i ran into the Yoshi pipe, http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/partslist.aspx?Bike=7518&Style=18218 ,... should i get the DMC, bbr, or yoshi pipe. Please reply
  9. crf80cag

    BBR vs. DMC exhaust

    i have a bore kit on my 80 it is a 95cc kit, but now i want a pipe., bbr or dmc??
  10. crf80cag

    BBR vs. DMC exhaust

    http://www.temeculamotorsports.com/catalog_product_detail.asp?bogus=05472071X4K13K2004J12I09I53JPMQ846R0&CatalogCode=993&LevelCode=9820&PartHeaderNumber=103123&ManufacturerCode=0&ProductCategoryCode=&CatalogTypeCode=&Sec is a link of the DMC
  11. crf80cag

    BBR vs. DMC exhaust

    Hi my name is Corey, I live in AL. i have a 2005 CRF80 and i was looking into the BBR exhaust, but now i ran into the DMC exhaust and i don't know if it is good. Please give me requests on both pipes. Thanks, Corey G.
  12. crf80cag

    xr100 seat cover

    For the seat cover www.xrsonly.com has one for the 100. About the pipe go with the Pro Circut, FMF isn't much of a change from stock.
  13. crf80cag

    Hard Rock adds more trails

    its awsome i go miles on hard rock in AL with my crf80
  14. crf80cag

    speedometer on crf80

    where? but will it fit is what im askin