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    Motocross, Grand Prix's, GNCC's, Hare Scrambles, AR-15's, watching my son ride,
  1. lawlor

    Oil leaking from radiator vent tube

    I think it was coming from the radiator vent tube. It was one of those night where I started the bike in the garage to show a couple of buddies how loud it was and I will say some beers were involved. I do remember the liquid was a combination of oil and radiator fluid. I didn't let it idle that long either. Maybe 2 minutes? To be sure I will have to do it again to really pay attention to where it is coming from.
  2. lawlor

    Need to find a trustworthy shop

    Sounds good. I will look into the shop. Thanks!
  3. Started my bike up the other day just because I haven't started it in a while and oil started to leak out of the radiator vent tube. I assume I need to do the top end. Is this correct?
  4. New to the Waynesboro, PA area and my bike needs some work (suspension and motor). I have yet to find a decent shop around here and one that I can trust. I recently moved from Southern California and do not have the local shop that I would always go to and have a relationship with. Any and all input would be greatly appreciated.
  5. This will be my first time riding out here on the east coat and Tomahawk is about 40 minutes away. Going to check it out. How is the track? And I haven't ridden since February when I broke my leg. I've been itching to ride.
  6. I have a power commander v installed on my 09' KX450F and I have the map set to a full two brothers exhaust and stock filter. I am hoping to find someone to help me change the air to fuel ratio (AFR). I want to run it a little richer to make more horsepower. Or if anyone knows of any shops that does tuning, any help would be appreciated.
  7. lawlor

    New to Maryland

    Yeah, I've been out on the Ducati and my wife out on her Triumph quite a bit and the roads are awesome. Now I'm wanting to get my dirt fix in. I haven't ridden my dirtbike since February and I'm getting the itch bit time!
  8. lawlor

    New to Maryland

    Cool! Are they both still open this time of year? I'll have to look them up. Thanks!
  9. lawlor

    Virginia New to the area

    Looking for places to ride near Leesburg. Anyone know of any spots? I don't mind the type of riding but prefer motocross. Thank for the help.
  10. lawlor

    Maryland New to Maryland

    I recently moved to Maryland, right outside of Thurmont, from San Diego. Definitely not my choice to move but I did what I had to do. I have been looking for places to right for a few weeks and now that I'm able to get back on the bike after breaking my leg in Ocotillo in February, I am itching to go ride. Can anyone help me out as far as locations that are near to where I live. I don't mind driving about an hour or so. I do know of Budds Creek of course but that is just too far of a drive right now. It doesn't matter what type of riding but I would prefer a track. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. lawlor

    Better tire size

    it's for a 450.
  12. Which is better a 110/90-19 or a 120/80-19?
  13. lawlor

    Pala yesterday

    Does anybody know who was out at Pala taking pictures yesterday?
  14. lawlor

    Separated Shoulder - Protection?

    I too have had the AC separation on both shoulders. There isn't anything you can really wear to prevent a shoulder injury like that. If it's going to separate it's going to separate. Most injuries like that are impact injuries and there isn't much you can do about them. I do know that there is a brace that you can get for your shoulder. A lot of NFL players wear them when they have the same injury. But if you take the amout of impact they endure to going down on your bike it is much different.
  15. lawlor

    Ladies Help: Wife's riding confidence

    Ocotillo has both but more hard pack in certain areas. But the washes are all soft sand of course.