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    Think about a CRF450X, but have some questions

    They have changed the throttle cable for the better. Hard for dirt to get in! They have changed the acclerator pump and linkage to hopefully fix the lugging issues. They have lightened the rear chain guide. I believe they have fixed the tranny so the chamber that wasn't getting oil after starting is now getting oil quickly. I would still put a Recluze clutch case allowing for more tranny oil and made of billet aluminum instead of soft magnesium that crunches easily. Use a full quart 946 ml of Motul blend and ride like the wind! They have most likely changed things they won't admit because of problems with the 05 and 06 which are indentical. The valve problem is simple get better valve springs! Kawasaki put dual valve springs on their 07. They found the real solution, nothing is black magic! I'd get the 07 CRF450X. You don't need the problems that might happen with the 05 or 06. Better yet get the KTM 525---Best dirt bike I have ever ridden. I've been riding since 1973 TM 400 Suzuki Cyclone. Now 62 and still whacking the sh_t out of the California terrain. Old Man come ride with a dinosaur! If you not leading the scenery is dust!
  2. Devourer911


    Yes you have!!! DRD Pipes Dubach Racing Development Doug Dubach Corona, CA Their pipes are reasonably priced around $550.00 with spark arrestor and tax. They perform well across the power band. I own two of them one for a 2005 CRF450X and one for a 2004 KX250F. They are top of the line. Remember there is no bolt on enhancement that is going to up the performance of a bike that much. If there was the original mfgs with competition being the way it is would have already added it to the stock bike. Now performance can be really tweeked upwards if you want to risk radical changes to the intake, engine and exhaust. Porting and polishing the intake and exhaust with valve mods can crank up performance big time. Timing plays a big part in most of these mods and that's mostly trial and error type tuning. The engine is an air pump at any given displacement removing intake and exhaust restrictions will move air from intake to exhaust quicker allowing better performance. However there is a limit of diminishing returns. See Varner Motorsports in Fontana, CA. It gets to the point of: Did you buy the bike to ride or continually fool around with supposed performance enhancers? I've known lots of guys who knew their bikes inside out but couldn't ride a lick. For most riders instead of worrying about bike performance should simply learn how to ride to lead the pack. Chances are if you learn to ride you can lead the pack without any bolt ons and save yourself a ship load of green$.
  3. Devourer911

    Daily Tech Tip# 4. StRiPpErS

    Sadly I wish it was a joke! Too many wanna be mechanics are what this forum is here for! So that they don't make stupid mistakes. Not everybody is a genius.
  4. Devourer911

    Shifter lever KXF250 '06 - '05.....?

    The original equipment stock shifters that come on most dirt bikes are doggie do. My suggestion is go to Hammerhead Designs (John Clark) and get one like the pro riders use. John Clark at Hammerhead Designs, Inc. 650-365-3172 HTTP://www.hammerheaddesignsinc.com/ John Clark [hammerheadmx@comcast.net] The choices are endless! This will forever end your concerns over shift levers. New theory: At the end of the rainbow there is a pile of poop! If there was gold somebody would have already filtched it. You can be sure!
  5. Devourer911

    Daily Tech Tip# 4. StRiPpErS

    If you strip bolts on your own bike with WD40 and penetrating oil available, then you are tired, careless or just plain stupid. Most would be bike maintainers don't even know how to hold a wratchet so the don't over torque and break bolts off. The same technique can be used to make damn sure you don't strip bolts. I bought a used bike once that had bolts missing in various places. I thought "OH NO!" Sure enough they weren't just missing! Some were stripped and some were broken off. This guy must of had the finesse of a cub bear with and arm load of shell corn. Like Clint said, "A man's got to know his limitations."
  6. Devourer911

    I got a new Pit Bike

    I got a new Pit Bull... HaHa