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  1. Ude123

    Cory Floyd?

    yea he's riding pro 2 next year. He is a WORCS stud and very humble. He comes from a very good family. His mom and big Corey are very supportive but not in a 'little league parent' kinda way. He's very dedicated and you'll be reading alot about him in the future.
  2. Ude123

    Cory Floyd?

    I've been friends with Corey for a couple of years now and pitted for him a few times. He's a great guy and an awesome racer. He's just coming back from a broken wrist and in his last couple of WORCS races he's actually much faster than before the injury(which was already very fast). He's very dedidcated and trains constantly. Watch out for him as he WILL be on top in not to distant future. Especially now that he's hooked up with Monster Energy/Kawasaki team for support. That's the last piece of the puzzle he needed. So watch out next year!!!!
  3. Ude123

    Show your PIG

    Roadcam, I just put the Cee Bailey windscreen on last week and have about 150 miles with it on. It's great. You look right over the top but because it's got a curve on the top the wind goes above your head. I love it.
  4. Ude123

    Show your PIG

    Thanks desert, I just got the bike(bone stock) in January and broke my shoulder on a ride in the desert on another bike(xr400) so I've had a little down time to build the xr650. Ude123
  5. Ude123

    Show your PIG

    2004 XR650L (with 709 orig. miles) BIKE MODIFICATIONS: Fuel Tank – Clarke 4.7 gal Smog Block-off Kit – IMS Suspension Lowering Link – Devol Exhaust Pipe – White Bros E2 Exhaust Header Wrap –ThermoTec sealed(inside flash weld ground) Skid Plate – Moose Foot pegs – IMS pro Handlebars –ProTaper CRHi bend TripleClamp – RSW Bar Clamps - Scotts Top/Bottom barclamp Air Filter – K & N w/ PreCharger Luggage Rack – Rack-it (PMB) Hand guards– Acerbis Rally Dual Sport w/ deflectors Front Turn signals- Lockhart Phillips Flush Mount V (w/ elec flasher) Mirrors – Baja Designs enduro foldable (R/L) Tail Light – Acerbis enduro (removed subframe) Windscreen – Cee Bailey’s w/ quick release hardware + custom bag Steering Stabilizer–Scotts w/weld on tower Grips – Dual Star Carburetor – Dave’s Mods (Sudco Jets 160/60) Headlight – Dual Star 40mil clear guard over stock light Tires – Rear=Pirelli MT21 Front=Pirelli MT21 (w/ RimLocks) Tubes – Michelin extra extra duty natural rubber tubes (8mm) Tank/SwingArm Graphics – Factory Effex Shark Fin – SCOTTS Fork Brace –SuperBrace Sprockets –(F)Renthal ®Stock (14,15(spare)/45,48(sunstar-spare)) S/S Brake Lines(F/R) – Galper Fender Bag – MSR Chain Guide – SCOTTS (SPP) SaddleBags – Joe Rocket velocity w/ cargo holddown net GPS – Garmin etrex Legend w/ RAM handlebar Mount Rear Shock Protection – Outerwears Shock Sock Frame Protection – Works Connection Frame Guards Rear Caliper – Works Connection caliper guard AirBox – Uni air vents, snorkel removed 12v power recept – custom dash install Front Fender – cut away to rear/airflow, trimmed front 6” Oil Temp Dipstick – XR’s Only Rear subframe assembly – Removed See pics at:
  6. Ude123


    Here are some pics of my Scotts stabilizer mounted to my 04 XR650L. I had to do some custom work to get it done but works great and doesn't get in the way of anything. Also, completely stops all headshake at speeds over 65(it was pretty bad at those speeds, I run Pirelli MT21). Check out the pics at the following links: http://s82.photobucket.com/albums/j246/ude123/th_44c29299.jpg http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j246/ude123/44c29299.jpg http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j246/ude123/746f4737.jpg http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j246/ude123/1a84cdd8.jpg http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j246/ude123/c70d69e5.jpg http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j246/ude123/7b3d7c82.jpg
  7. Ude123

    steering damper on a 650L

    Check out these links for my RSW triple clamp and Scotts Stabilizer http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j246/ude123/7b3d7c82.jpg http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j246/ude123/c70d69e5.jpg http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j246/ude123/1a84cdd8.jpg http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j246/ude123/1e540ab8.jpg http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j246/ude123/44c29299.jpg http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j246/ude123/746f4737.jpg
  8. Ude123

    steering damper on a 650L

    I got the RSW triple clamp and drilled the holes out a little for the scotts lower perches and had to cut the collar off the bolt-on tower/pin assembly and weld on tower/pin because the tightening bolts on the collar hit the underside of the triple clamp. With the RSW triple clamp the ignition is in the same place as with the stock. It has plenty of room with the stabilizer mounted on the bar clamp. I'll try to get a pic to you soon.
  9. Ude123

    Scotts Stabilizer bits and pieces

    Hey Brian, Scott here from the Ens to SF ride last month. I might have the top bar clamp. What is the size you need. I think mine is a 106x40x? I also may have a post and pin that you can weld on. I'll look for them. Scott
  10. Ude123


    "anybody know if there are issues with a scotts dampner being bolted or welded to a dr frame(cause of the oil being run through it)?" I welded my scotts dampner post to the frame of my XR650L and it has the oil in the frame also, I had no problem, it works great and cured my headshake problem. I also have a Superbrace fork brace, but with only that installed and without the dampner I still had too much headshake. After the dampner installed all the headshake is gone. I also just got back from Baja and rode with some guys with dampners and some without and the guys with the dampners rode very smooth on the rode while the guys without the dampners got lots of headshake above 65mph. Steering Stabilizers work great and Scotts are awesome.
  11. Ude123

    Steering Stabilizer

    I just put a scotts on my 650L and won't ride without it again. it's awesome.
  12. Ude123

    header wrap

    I also header wrapped and it helps keep the engine cooler and you won't burn you leg. ude123 04 650L
  13. Ude123

    steering damper on a 650L

    I just got mine installed on my 04 650L and love it. It's awesome. I also have a superbrace forkbrace and together the front end is on a rail. It's the best mod you can do to your bike. I've got an aftermarket triple clamp so I welded on the post. It's really worth the effort to get one of these.
  14. Ude123

    Need another good mirror.

    Dude, Check out Baja Designs. I got their folding mirrors and they are awesome. They fit right into the stock perches. ude123 04 XR650L
  15. I checked and nothing on any rides to Cabo or even in Mexico. Anyone else maybe interested in a ride from Tecate to Cabo and back. I'm thinking maybe in late September. Dual Sport, no support truck, carry all essentials on bike. Maybe like 6-8 riders. We can do about 200 miles a day. We can plan this thing out and make it happen if we get the response.