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  1. drpower

    Aluminum DRZ400 Kickstand?

    has anybody used the one from soupysperformance ?
  2. drpower

    brembo master cylinder

    it's the cast 4 piston momobloc radial mount
  3. drpower

    brembo master cylinder

    i am upgrading my front brake to a brembo 4 pot caliper , would a 15mm rcs master cylinder be a bit of overkill ?
  4. drpower

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    my drz
  5. drpower

    Forrest @ Wheeling

    you will be fine , forrest is #1 top man, have had several orders with him never had a problem , can't praise him enough
  6. drpower

    marchesini wheels

    hi i've a set of machesini wheels , would it be ok to use titanium disk and sprocket bolts with these wheels ?
  7. drpower

    kick stand

    hi has anyone used the soupys performance adjustable kick stand that is on ebay at the moment ?
  8. hi i've a 2005 k5 drz 400sm , could i get a recommendation on jetting, it's fitted with a cw 434cc big bore kit , 39 mm fcr-mx from tt store fitted with merge fuel screw , k&n air filter and a mrd/ssw exhaust uncorked, jetting at the moment is emn needle 3rd clip , 45 pilot jet , 160 main jet paj removed . thanks
  9. drpower

    drz 400sm

    thanks eddie
  10. hi i am fitting a cw 434 bb kit with stage 1 hotcams (inlet and exhaust) , and a 39 mm fcr-mx from the tt store , e base gasket , exhaust is a remus freeride race muffler with a scorpion header , i am at sea level , have you any reconmendations on the best jetting for this setup ? thanks
  11. drpower


    should have added its a 2005 k5 sm with only 2,500 miles
  12. drpower


    hi , i have a cw 434cc big bore kit , stage 1 hotcams inlet and exhaust and a fcr 39mx carb from tt store, my question is would stock valves be ok with this setup or would it be better to replace them with some rhc valves and springs ? thanks
  13. drpower

    drz 400sm

    thanks eddie
  14. hi , i've a 2005 drz 400 sm , 3x3 mod done with jd jet kit, extended fuel screw , and fitted with a remus race silencer with a scorpion header , have set it up with blue needle , 4th clip, 22.5 pilot jet, 2.75 turns on the fuel screw, should it be 155 or 160 main jet ?,
  15. drpower

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    fitted rs-4 !