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  1. shocked

    YZ250F Stolen in Prescott Valley, AZ

    My buddy is going to get me the VIN#, he forgot to bring it to work yesterday. He did take precautions, he backed his truck up against the house to where the tailgate would maybe go down a 1/4 of the way, his brother parked his car next to his truck and his girlfriend was parked on the other side. They must have had 4-5 guys to lift it up and out over the side of the truck, there were a few scratches on the side of the truck. As of right now he is biting the bullet and is buying a new bike, it sucks that there are thieves in this world that do not go out and earn a living like the rest of us. Thanks Guys.
  2. A guy that I work with at the Yamaha Dealer had his 2006 YZ250F Anniversary Edition stolen out of the back of his Nissan Titan right in front of his home during the night on the 27th/28th. Please keep an eye out for this bike if you see it in the state of Arizona - it has a red anodized kick starter and red ASV Levers would be the primary tip off's that it is the bike. The guy that owns it lives to race MX and is heart broken about his baby getting stolen, he is a young kid who is a mechanic at our dealership. Unfortunately he did not have insurance on the bike. PM me with any tips you might have on this bike, I will try to scan a pic and post it up. Thanks in advance for your help guys and gals.
  3. shocked

    Asking Price Used WR450??

    I have thought about that, but my wife said NO on having two bikes
  4. shocked

    Asking Price Used WR450??

    I am selling my near new 2006 WR450F, it has 120 miles on it and has never been down/no scratches, it has all of the basic mods done + re-jetted, zip-ty fuel screw, ProCircuit T-4 Silencer. All of the work/maintenance on the bike was done by a great mechanic at my local yamaha dealership - he personally has his own 06 WR450F that he races Super-Motard with - the bike just had the oil changed and the valves adjusted two weeks ago. How much should I ask for this? I paid over 8K OTD 5-Months ago. I love this bike for the trails, I was invited to go to the motocross track in Phoenix last week and got hooked on racing again - so I bought a new 2006 YZ250F the next day, absolutely love the new bike - but need to find a home for the WR450F. Thanks for your suggestions on the asking price.
  5. shocked

    Looking to buy first bike.....

    I am in Prescott, AZ 5500 Ft Elevation, I was deciding between the YZ450, WR450, and WR250 - I wound up buying a 2006 WR-450, with riding these forest roads and trails - you will love this bike, plus being street legal is a bonus. If you are going to buy one, you might check with the Yamaha Dealer in Prescott Valley - the mechanic would builds all the bikes rides a WR450, so when he built mine it had all of the Free Mods done, once I broke it in I added a ProCircuit T-4 Pipe and Re-Jetted the carb - the bike is very fast and fun. shoot me an email and we can exchange phone numbers if you want to talk. dpilgrim@commspeed.net Dan
  6. shocked

    comfortable seats?

    I talked to GUTS, they said if you ship them your seat - they will install the foam & cover at no extra charge.
  7. shocked

    WR450... a good wife bike??

    I just bought my wife a TTR230, great wife's bike. My wife is 5'4", so the WR250 & WR450 were out of the selection process when she tried sitting on them, way too tall.
  8. shocked

    Newbie - 06 WR450

    I had the first service done on the bike, carb re-jetted, pipe installed, airbox mod, This is a whole new bike, the power feels almost double of what is was before - I now love this bike The mechanic owns and races the same bike as mine, so he spent an extra hour or so at no charge setting up my suspension, etc. as we are roughly the same height and weight. Very happy to say the least.
  9. shocked

    Newbie - 06 WR450

    I am a newbie to the site, just bought a new 06 WR450. Luckily the dealer's mechanic did all of the Free Mods to the bike when he built it for the showroom floor and was street legal ready ( He owns same bike ). I ordered a ProCircuit T-4 yesterday, any feedback on this pipe? Overall I love this new bike, almost broken in and am hoping to change the oil, re-jet the carb, and install the new pipe Monday. The only thing I do not like so far is cornering on the bike feels very sloppy, would a different front tire help this? Thanks in advance for any guidance, tips, tricks, etc.