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  1. scfireman

    Yamaha YFZ 450 Electrical?

    Has anyone heard of a resistor kit for the yfz450 after removing the headlights? Can not seem to find any info on this so called kit.
  2. Burned, Upon futher tuning of my quad I notice the mid pipe on the exhaust had a leak at the connections. I feel like this is where my sputter is coming from. I was at a local track Sunday preparing for the race this Saturday, and noticed upon changes the leak. It was great all thru the throttle anywhere, but as soon as you let off the throttle and tried to reapply it would kind of bog and sputter for a second. Could the leak in the mid pipe be causing this problem from the decompression. The leaks are pretty serious. So much that the mid pipe can move back and forth about a 1/4 of an inch, there was also sut on the motor and frame at the two connection clamps. I called the manufacturer of the exhaust and they have a new head pipe and mid pipe on the way. Any comments? Thanks for your time.
  3. scfireman

    04 YFZ 450 Headaches

    So you think that putting the dj needle back in and installing the uni filter would be good.
  4. scfireman

    04 YFZ 450 Headaches

    Would the Air flow through the air box from the k&n have A affect on this?
  5. scfireman

    04 YFZ 450 Headaches

    Burned, took it out yesterday to a local supercross track, it ran alot better with the stock needle in the fifth position, 175 main, and get this airbox lid back on, It was unstoppable smooth power all the way through entire throttle. No hesitation off idle, no bog just raw power. Do you think it could be that the K&N high flow filter is the culprit, I purchased a uni filter for it. I think I am going to try it. I have a race this Saturday at a local motorcross track. I hope it holds up.
  6. scfireman

    04 YFZ 450 Headaches

    Thanks for your time, moving the needle clip up or down should get the rest of the sputter out.
  7. scfireman

    04 YFZ 450 Headaches

    Burned, the slide plate was installed correctly, thinking of going back to stock needle in the 4th clip and 175 main, 48 pilot. what do you suggest?
  8. scfireman

    04 YFZ 450 Headaches

    Burned I don't know, I am at my shop and fixing to pull carb off and check, I read through some of your other threads and thought I would check it before I did anything else I will be in touch soon.
  9. scfireman

    04 YFZ 450 Headaches

    The main is a 165, the pilot is a 48, needle set on the third clip from top. I also tried moving the needle clip up and down only no other adjustments. This is the biggest main and the only pilot with the dynojet kit. With the clip here I get the best result of all and it still sucks. I am at the point of throwing this jet kit away and buying a james dean kit. I also have another quad set up just for practice, with the identicle set up, it runs great. But the one I'm having trouble with is my race quad, the most important one. The practice bike is the same except it runs stock suspesion.
  10. I have a 04 YFZ 450 with a HMF slip on pipe, advanced the exhaust cam, dynojet jet kit, K&N air filter, no screen in the cone in the air box, 110 octane fuel. I have also installed a boyseen quick shot. And that helped the off idle bog. But my troubles are in the mid range, it is if the machine is sick, it pops, skips, and just is awful. But it will run superb on the top. I have checked the valves and they are so close to perfect. Need help quick RACING coming to soon. 3000ft and below.