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  1. i lost my owners book for my bike and cant remeber how much oil to put in. i thought it was around 1500 CC's or something if you use a ratio cup. so if someone could help out it would be awsome
  2. i just got my new ratio cup and cant remeber how much oil i was filling the 06 250f up with. so if someone can tell me how much oil they are putting in.
  3. how does everyone think nico is going to do when he turns pro next year. hes coming off a serious knne injury and should be killing it this year when he gets back on the bike. i think hes going to be like a villopoto
  4. hey guys ive had my 2006 for a while now and the forks seem too still. im about 145 and was woundering what all you guys have done to the top clickers. how much did you take out or add. thanks
  5. i think this is just a rumor. i dont think hes hurt
  6. what is the FLO- green? is it the green that the monster energy team uses? also i havent been able to find a place that sells the black rear fender? anyone that could help it would be awsome
  7. did u get the kit where u can mix and match the colors? thats what im going to do so i have the exact colors at the monster energy kawasaki team. but the n-style monster energy kit will fit the ufo plastics?
  8. i was going to get the twin air filter but saw the power flow kit so now i dont know to just get the filter or go with the kit. anyone if the kit or just the filter how you like them and is it worth spending the extra money for the power flow kit?
  9. i was looking into getting a pipe for my 06 but cant really decide on what one. i was looking at the pro circuit and the fmf factory 4.1 and the yosh. so anyone got any input? it would be really helpful
  10. ive got a downpayment on a 06 kx250f but ive been hearing that they have had problems with them? so im thinking if its true i might go with the ktm250f instead. so anyone have a 06 and which one would they go with?