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  1. I have a 4x8 trailer. I mounted a couple different wheel chocks on a piece of 4x4 plywood for the different bikes I haul. I can just lift it out when I am useing it for something else or swap chocks real easy. I also installed tie down rings on the bed of the trailer. They fold out of the way and have 2 bolt holes each. The other thing is my trailer has a short ramp so I got a folding aluminum ramp for loading bigger bikes. I put jack stand under the short ramp and tie the folding ramp so it doesn't slide. Be sure to get a heavy enough trailer and load it evenly. I have seen trailers flip over sideways. A bigger trailer is better and enclosed is best but added cost and weight too. I don't like rail trailers because you can't ride up them and someone has to hold the bike until you can tie it down. Not a problem for some guys. Instead of wheel chocks, a couple boards to keep the front wheel from sliding are good. Some guys just use two tie downs and no chocks. No pics, sorry.
  2. d2wing

    Broken frame my BMW Xchallenge

    I am not real happy with my beemer and the dealer sucks. I can't even get a clear titlle. The stock answer for any problem is "they all do that". The only bike I've had good service and reliabilty out of many bikes is a Harley. Go figure.
  3. I had my KLR in Moab last March. It was great riding. I'd like to spend more time there. The locals cater to the bicycle crowd so expect them to be in your way. It's fun ride past them on uphills when they are sweating and huffing away. Be sure to bring your supplies and gas. It's a long way between stations or towns.
  4. Ok Chicken, Most Harley engines I have seen have an oil passage that cools the piston so that doesn't happen. But I guess it must, so I apologize for my out of.. remark. I thought you made that up. Harleys are specifically made to handle most of those conditions. The oil cooling system seldom fails on a late model stocker. Water cooled bikes have a narrower operating temp zone and if the cooling system fails, the bike can fail to operate due to engine protection systems, or actual damage. 2 strokes can fail due to improper oil mix. Anyway you have a point. I've been to Sturgis, there you can get away into the hills sorta. I would never go to Daytona. Too crowded, no place to escape and other reasons, like you have to ride through cities to get there.
  5. You saw Harleys overheating? Good one. I don't ride a Harley anymore, I ride a BMW and a KLR. But I don't talk out of a** about stuff.
  6. Again, in thousands of miles of riding Harleys and other bikes. I have never seen that happen or heard a Harley getting so hot in traffic that it couldn't run due to overheating. On the other hand I have had it happen to me and others on liquid cooled bikes. As far as my response being harsh, I suppose it was. I'm a cranky old combat vet, transportation corp. While I see the point about useing more nimble bikes, Keep in mind that these bikes have to carry alot of gear and are primarily used for patrol and escort. I love motorcycles but they are of limited value in a combat situation. It's pretty hard to protect yourself or return fire, and you can't carry much gear. But if a force has manpower and funds for a special light bike unit they would be very useful in some situations like traffic control and getting to an accident scene, or patroling area that aren't suitable for a patrol car. TRW200's are great for beach patrol. I'd ike to have one. But an ATV may be better. Can you imagine one with a 250 lb cop, with sirens, lights, bags, radios etc escorting an SUV. But for the typical town patrol Harley is a good choice. Especially since the cops like them and can lease them for a buck a year or something like that. If you were a cop, would you rather spend all day riding around town on a Road King or a tall skinny dirt bike with the pipe next to your a**? Anyway, sorry I was so grumpy. I'll take my meds and go to my room.
  7. d2wing

    Which dual-sport?

    I have a KLR but I would recommend a V-strom or KLE for 2 up. It depends on how big you are but the twins with more power would do better on the road and as well on the dirt. The new KLRs are improved. If you buy used you might want to look at something else. I bought a BMW K75 and like it better than the KLR except for tougher trails and ditches. My wife went for a ride with me this weekend and it wasn't pretty on the KLR but we are 200 each.
  8. You are the one full of sh... All bikes give off heat depending on how much fuel they burn. In all my many years of riding, including many passes through Sturgis on hot days, I have never seen a Harley overheat. They are aircooled so nothing can boil over. The amount of calories is function of the fuel being burned. The bike gives off the same amount and doesn't care if water is involved. If you have an Ultraclassic with full lowers like I did for awhile, it can be an issue for comfort, in which case you take them off. Police bikes are Roadkings or Dynas which do not have lower fairings. They are designed to ride under those conditions and they are good at it. By the way, I have done the same thing on watercooled bikes and heat management is just as much an issue plus you have more chance of breakdown because of the pumps radiators, hoses and gaskets. It's happened to me. Go back to your homework kid. Learn a little from real life, not tv shows.
  9. These guys aren't looking for motocross bikes. The military has a specific set of criteria such as supply considerations, ability to be dropped from a plane, ruggedness, etc. Do you think a Marine is concerned about the weight of a dirt bike? Hell I used to be able to pick up Goldwings and Harleys. Besides the little 650 KLR I ride a BMW. Cops have different reasons to ride Harleys of course. How often have you seen a rider chase anyone accross a park on a bike? I think you don't have much real world experience and just want to bash brands because you are a squid. Harleys make great patrol bikes, considering how they are actually used. If they were to really chase cars they'd all ride Suzy's. A horse and dogs are better for chasing people around parks. How many cities want to maintain a stable and kennel? Nope, let grownups that do the job decide. You do your homework.
  10. d2wing

    Single Track Trails on KLR 650

    I changed the front sprocket to a 14 tooth and that helped alot. It is not a motocross bike. Also keep the load light and adjust suspension to load and it will be fine as long as you don't challange it too much. It is not an agile bike.
  11. How about the new KLE 650 twin? Or a DR 650? Both Buell and BMW have new bikes coming out that sound promising too.
  12. I did some riding in the Moab area last week. Several people clearly expressed that they disliked me riding around the town and Arches National Park ( on road, stock pipes, wearing a helmet) on my KLR. It seems they prefer spandex wearing bicyclists to leather wearing motorcylists. I did not see any other cycles in the park but did see lots of bycs. Some other tourists did tell me they thought it was a good idea to see the park on motorcycle. If I go back I will bring food and fuel from outside the area. Great scenery and riding though. I camped free in Dead Horse canyon park. I did see few ATVs, dirt bikes and a couple beemers in the area. Maybe the air is a little thin for the foil hat crowd.
  13. d2wing

    Yamoto 200cc chinese bike from day-one

    I bought a 200cc bike from patterson motorsports on ebay. It took a month, came to the wrong city and was the wrong color. Other than that the bike was trashed. It had so much shipping damage I refused to accept it. My son looked at it and said to buy a used Jap bike instead. I am disappointed but they said they will return my money. So I guess after a month of aggravation, no harm no foul if the money is returned. My bad for buying cheap on ebay.