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  1. The Sierra Club is a bunch of hippocrits Spp? I used to live twards the bottom of Angeles Crest HWY in Los Anegles and every Sat. and Sun the Sierra Clubers would park across the street next to the median by my house. The median would be clean before they got there and when they got back from there communing with nature it was littered with trash I saw this for over 15years of growing up. No these were not just any hikers that is where the sierra club members of that area would meet almost every weekend. But how do we fight them when they are the majority. We will lose. The unfortunate thing is the more people that get involved in our sport help and hurt us at the same time. It is a catch 22. We get the good family oriented groups or ones that respect the environment and others that think they have the right to destroy it. I personally ride to get away from it all but now with sooo many people riding it is hard to. I won't go out on holiday weekedns anymore and if I could I would only go out during the week. This is just like the gun control issuie in CA it will be a non stop battle no matter what. There will never be a winner or a loser, just a give and a take. What most of these environazis don't realize is we pay to use what we ride on they don't pay a dime with all of the tax dollars we spend on registration, permits, fuel taxes, the services of the communities we drive through and so on. They don't want any kind of change they want to stagnatie the ecosystem. For arguments sake say what we do to the environment is bad. We are just animals and what we do affects the ecosystem faster then what other animals may do but so what that is what evolutioin is all about. and no matter how much quote unquote soil and habitat erosion we cause the wildlands still exit because that is what we want to see. I for one don't want to destroy it but as long as we stay on relatively well marked trails it is no worse then hiking, horsebackriding or mt biking down that trail. Now this may make me sound kind of like an ahole but quads I think more then anything are going to help put us in the grave the footprint they take up and the amount that are outthere is insane almost every camp you drive by there is some guy doing donuts in the staging area not to mention how much more trail they disturb. I have a quad for the wife but she just puts around on it. There is no simple solution. I will stop my rant there.
  2. I saw that on my buddies new wr450 and thought the same thing. hahaha.
  3. Guess what it was the silencer. I repacked it and cleaned what I could see when the bike got a top end. I unriveted the spark arrestor and cleanded it spot less also the mid pipe was so clogged. Now it runs like a beast.
  4. No it is one of the first thing I replaced. A buddy who owns a shop just mentioned a little late. That on his cr500 the turbine core in the spark arresstor got clogged and caused a similar problem. So that is where I go next.
  5. Have any of you guys had your 99 carb go bad. I ask all these things because my yz is running stupid. About 2 months ago I went Riding at Gorman. It was a cold wet day so I thought the bike was just running rich because I didn't change the jetting for the alltitude. So after changing some jets and messing with the air scew I was able to at least ride it. So I get home dismantle the carb clean everything the silencer was repacked clean air filter and so on. Rode gorman the next weekend same thing. So the bike hasn't had a top end since I bought it so I figured I would do the top end. Mind you the bike was running fine first kicker everything. The piston was good cylinder was good reeds looked like they needed to be replaces one side was warpped So new parts Top end OEM V-force reeds New filter new kill switch Different coil Thought that might be the problem Rejet back to pro circuts reccomendations. And then a ton of other parts not related to the motor. Its not sucking tranny fluid The power valve is functioning It revs to the moon not under load But under load at about half to full throttle it bogs. Not enough fouling to kill the bike but it totally kills the power say if i am in 5th gear pinned I can't go faster then maybe 45mph and that is with a 50 tooth rear sprocket. I have a new kehin carb 39mm is what they reccomended coming from sudco that should be in on monday it dosent have the little solenid to lean the mixture at top end but I don't think that will be an issue. Considering most guys disconnect it that I have takled to and this year dosent have TPS either. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  6. I just put an SDG on my 99 and have no problems what so ever Standard seat great price the only thing I did was use my factory brackets instead of the ones that came with it.
  7. You guys just answered all the questions I was going to ask except were all the bikes with tranny falures early 05's or across the board?
  8. That is one of my favorite riding areas. If thay close it to off roading it will be a great loss and really pi$$ me off. I am tired of everyone trying to protect the innocent breathing dust of any kind is a potential cancer risk. Stop the madness.
  9. Get a CR500 and then try it. LOL
  10. Great stuff. Finally doing a topend after 3 years and the cylinder looks new. Yeah the smell is awsome. Especaily with VP C12.
  11. It has been a long time coming. I wrote a letter I want to say about 2 years ago. The only problem I see potentally with the track is it will be insanely crowded. So close to the city. But still a grand victory.
  12. Sounds like you are riding a little over your head. Slow down and get some saddle time in before you try to keep up with your buddies. Make them wait for you.