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    Dont be like this, wear some gear.

    I have read all the post and agree with Motogoalie that I think it is fake, here are some pictures of my '04 R6 and me in '04 after doing a wheelie. I had a bad week from working out of town and when I got back in town all I wanted to do was ride. Got home from a long drive, showered and went riding all day. I wrecked @ about 2200 on a Sat. night. I clutched it 2nd gear, 55mph, rode it for a bit and lost sense of balance. Next thing I know is I'm coming off the bike and staring at the concrete in slow motion. I was in a little pain, new shock was coming, the only thing in my mind was, look at my nice bike I really like that bike. I was taken to a burn unit, and was there for 2 days then went home. Was on meds for 6 days till I threw them away so I could be coherent. I had a helmet on(saved my life) but jeans, T-shirt. I was wearing DVS skater shoes and they stayed on. All the guys kept talking about my shoes and how they didn't fall off. I figured it was because they have an extended tongue that is sewn? I didn't get another bike till this year. I spent my down time getting my private and instrument pilot license. I still love bikes, but ride fully protected.