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  1. pugetsoundsailer

    09 KX250F single track / woods setup

    sounds like you ride bellfair, I used to ride that all the time. I'd love to hook up with some riders who know the trails at walker, It's been years since I seriously road up there
  2. pugetsoundsailer

    09 KX250F single track / woods setup

    cool enjoy those new bikes......... I see your in WA. I'm about 20 min. from Walker Valley
  3. pugetsoundsailer

    09 KX250F single track / woods setup

    Bummer about the 16, you getting another kxf? How did you like that Rekluse? I picked up a used one one ebay due to arrive tomorrow
  4. pugetsoundsailer

    09 KX250F single track / woods setup

    Anyone know where to get a heavier flywheel for the 09 250f ?
  5. pugetsoundsailer

    fork oil level / wt. for rocky woods riding

    getting my 09 250f setup for woods, suspension great on smooth trails / whoops but not with the rocks, square edges and roots. Any good starting points for fork oil level and wt? also klicker adjustment?
  6. pugetsoundsailer

    06 service manual for 09 kx250f

    I've read 09 was a transition year for these bikes, what should I avoid in the 06 service manual?
  7. pugetsoundsailer

    09 KX250F single track / woods setup

    Just got this KX250f and heading to the woods tomorrow. It's setup pretty good by the looks of it, skid plate/bark busters/spark arrestor. When I rode blue and I lowered the gearing and put on a flywheel weight on the YZf . What's the general rule for these mods with the green machine?
  8. pugetsoundsailer

    Aloop tank / seat kit alternative

    got ya, ND08, Japan model, I live in the states so I wasn't aware these existed, to bad the parts weren't available here
  9. pugetsoundsailer

    Aloop tank / seat kit alternative

    very nice, so that's the crf230 tank with a stock 06 xr400 seat? What year is the tank? Is it true that the bolt holes line up?
  10. pugetsoundsailer

    Aloop tank / seat kit alternative

    Ok I got fooled the bike was photoshoped................. Here's a link on the subject http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/830653-crf-tankseat-on-xr250-can-it-be-done/?view=findpost&p=8610710&hl=%2Bcrf230 I'd still like to know if anyone has made the mod work, apparently the tank bolts on but the seat mounting was the issue........................
  11. pugetsoundsailer

    Aloop tank / seat kit alternative

    check out this little beauty ! XR400R using CRF230 seat / tank, lovely, I like the looks better then the Aloop kit. Only 1.9 gal. capacity though. Anyone done this or knows of other seat / tank combos that will fit? ALSO If anyone has an Aloop kit or CRF230 parts for sale please let me know.
  12. anyone got a solution for a spacer after removing the odometer wheel mount?
  13. pugetsoundsailer

    modern MX forks that will fit the xr400 triple clamps?

    I agree, no head shake at speed in the woops and keeping your line in tight rocky trails is fantasic, you can hit stuff that would normally rip the bars right out or your hands. But as to a fork swap, after reading through some threads it looks like revalving the stock front end seems like the way to go. Putting in the right springs was like night and day but the rebound is so horrible, it performs like a pogo stick on hard edges and chatters on the studder bumps.
  14. sure be nice to just bolt on a set of new legs on my XR400, I don't want to swap out the triple clamps because I've got a scott stabilizer setup. What's the best solution ?
  15. the 05 yz250f was a dream on the trails, might be picking up a 09 YZ450F wondering what to expect, if they feel heavier, less maneuverable, better low end, etc.