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  1. Roostmonger

    Long Term Tundra reports?

    Compared to American trucks, the tundra is weak. Out of ford, dodge, chevy, and toyota it is the only truck not to have a fully boxed frame. I saw a comparison where all trucks were driven down a test track with alternating bumps. The toyota had the worst flex, the bed actually hit and dented the cab of the truck. The ford was the best, hardly flexed at all. If I were to spend 40-50k on a full sized truck, I think I'd pass on the tundra, and I've owned toyota trucks for over 15 years. I found a similiar link:
  2. Roostmonger

    best chain and aprocket combo

    I tried the cheap route a few years back and got the steel setup from primary drive. 15 bucks for a steel rear, 7-8 bucks for the front, and about 50 for an o-ring chain. I didn't expect much, but they actually were extremely durable, as durable as any more expensive setups. I've been running that setup for years now(not the same ones, but same brand) with no problems, and very few chain adjustments. I have total confidence in the chain now, has anyone had a bad experience with this setup? Pretty heavy though, compared to aluminum.
  3. Roostmonger

    bike wont start! have race in 5 days!

    Textbook intake valve issue. DO a search and you will find a wealth of info about the valve issue. For your race, do a simple re-shim with some thinner shims to get your clearance back in spec. Then once your bike won't start again, which will be pretty soon, probably 3-4 rides, replace the valves, springs, and get the seats re-cut. The re-shim is a temporary fix that will get you through your race day at least.
  4. Roostmonger

    Moving to CO?

    Colorado is now in a conundrum. We don't wan't more traffic/people/overpopulation, but we also have thousands of brand new and vacant or recently foreclosed homes that need new owners or all our home values will plummet. So, do we shun new residents for their part in overpopulation or welcome them for their tax dollars and contribution to our economy? I just wish CO would build a high speed train from fort collins to pueblo and up the 1-70 corridor. That would help at least one drawback, the traffic.
  5. Roostmonger

    Valves AGAIN???

    If they just re-shimmed your valves, 20 hours is right. I hope they didn't charge you too much! Your valves are probably shot, and re-adjusting works temporarily, but to actually fix the problem you need new intake valves. If they installed new valves then you should have gotten more hours before they went out again, and perhaps they did the job incorrectly. When mine went, I got stainless valves, heavy duty springs, and the seats re-cut. They never went out again after 100+hours of abuse.
  6. Roostmonger

    '07 Chain guide

    Have you found one that fits? I still have had no luck. Every catalogue says the 07's use the same part number as the 05-06's. This is not true! This is such a pain in the ass...
  7. Roostmonger

    '07 Chain guide

    Dented the metal cage on a rock trail riding, then while at the track racking up some fast laps, the rubber insert dissapeared and I couldn't find it. Looks like they changed it on the 07's and it doesn't actually bolt to anything like previous years, it just slips into the cage. I'm only talking about the guide right in front of the rear sprocket. The mount is totally different for 07, but nobody seems to believe me, so it's getting frustrating... I did a search and found that someone tried to mount a tm designs and that didn't fit either.
  8. Roostmonger

    '07 Chain guide

    Wondering if anybody has replaced their rear/lower chain guide on their 07 crf450r's? Looks like they changed the swingarm, and guides from the older years do not fit. Rockymountainmc has sent me 2 wrong guides, the ascerbis and the fredette. The punk kid at rmmc said they all had the same part number, and I was the only one with a problem(implying I didn't know how to install it), but they took them back. So, other than a stock part from the dealer(that is way overpriced and not in stock of course), what will work?
  9. Roostmonger

    Please Post in W2R!

    Exactly....Anyone who posts our lesser known, and rarely spoken about, in the where to ride section is a complete moron. If your from Cali, go to rampart.
  10. Roostmonger

    Vdr For Sale???

    Oh c'mon, it's not so bad. At least we'll have more tract-homes, maybe another super-walmart, also it will allow more people from texas and cali to move here, you have to look at the bright side!! Once VDR closes it's gates forever, I may just have to move somewhere else, I just hope the southern californians bring their home prices with them. I wouldn't mind getting 750k for each of my houses and moving to.....? The whole front range is doomed to a future of crowded californiacation.
  11. Roostmonger

    Whos ready for more snow next weekend!? yay, NOT!

    hmm, doesn't work now. Go to page 2 and it still does.
  12. Roostmonger

    Whos ready for more snow next weekend!? yay, NOT!

    just in case you missed it. Someone buy one of these and tell us how it works. Looks like pos. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/jb1_W...QQcmdZViewItem
  13. Roostmonger

    Whos ready for more snow next weekend!? yay, NOT!

  14. Roostmonger

    Questions about Fort Collins area

    Fort Collins sucks. I would suggest staying in Cali or maybe check out Texas. Have you heard we are buried under 3(soon to be 4 on friday) feet of snow. All of the nearby riding areas are being shut down from over-use, and overpopulation. Many areas are shut down once the _______-ians move in and start complaining about the noise. Then there's the traffic. Red light-red light-red light, old person, stoned hippie, texan, thats how your commute will be, every day. CO has the highest foreclosure rate in the country, because people move here, hate it, then ditch their house so they can go back to the warmth of texas. If you must move to CO, try Englewood or Arvada, Commerce City is nice too! Then your nice and close to Rampart, THE BEST place to ride in CO, especially on sat-sun!!
  15. Roostmonger

    Where to camp in Rand.

    If I see that dirty little four letter word here again...