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  1. Kool thanx for the reply
  2. Got buddy gunna do the Canadian nationals so anyone with jetting specs for anywhere near the tracks please post for me..Thanx in advance.
  3. We only see this a few times every couple months...Mostly on the red piles.... We have to heat them up pretty good to get them apart. Just clean up the teflon and put it in upside down... and next time get some new bushings.Looks like Parts Unlimited has them available finally in the 08 catalog.
  4. Every 250f we have had to mess with has taken a 45 or 48 pilot out here in Nevada.Even the CRF150R's have been needing 45's. All the 450's either run a 45 or 48(my motor not stock needed a 50). I just did the Kohm reading on the TPS and its DEAD....not even close to in range.1.023 at closed throttle book calls for a minimum of 3Kohm's. Bike runs GREAT now from top to bottom starts first kick hasn't fouled another plug first kick ICE cold or hot no problems now.Sorry not saying your wrong but in the winter out here we all run BIG pilot jets.
  5. Ok it looks likes its the TPS unhooked stone cold no issues at all.Plug it in and it runs like crap---Unplug idles smooth and all.I did have to step up to a 48 pilot to get rid of the lean hang up idle(running a 50 right now in my YZ450F 06).So i hope its the issue after all of this.I just unplugged it for now a female is riding it so not to concerned with the little bit bog. We got a race this weekend and were both in a major points chase so i was stressin...Thanx
  6. k its apart only thing i found and might be a slight issue is the slide plate seal it got a new one comin in a bit.
  7. OK came in this AM and same thing with the 42 pilot in it...The 40 pilot made it itll up and back down (2 lean). It started 3rd kick no choke died and then i pulled the choke it fired poped and shot flames for about 10 seconds and died. wont start again now.Gunna go tear it apart again completely revamp carb for the second time.
  8. no energy conserving it'll make your clutch slip.....
  9. Kool thanx ima drop a 40 in it in a bit
  10. DID all of that....I am a mechanic but cant chase down the issue.So i thought I'd come ask here. This AM i started it just fine no choke.I guess pilot is still to big but i havent had to go smaller then a 42 on any 250-450 we have had in the shop. So i guess I'll go a lil smaller on the pilot.. Thanx for the quik responses.
  11. OK i got this bike a few weeks ago for my wife.Ive jetted ,checked valves,cleaned carb. Heres the deal, Not always but first start in the morning itll fire right up then die,After it dies I've had to push start it(with a quad) itll pop sputter then finally clear out and run great the rest of the day. ANY IDEA'S Main 182 Pilot 42(in at 4200 ft) Needle in the middle Adjustable a/f 2 turns right now
  12. junk have done up to 6 valve adjusts in 1 day!!!!! havent done 1 yam yet.mine has over 100 hrs half SM...valves perfect....but there are a handfull of good red bikes.... few stay perf
  13. 99 and up will fit but youll need current yr rear 2001 spacers didnt work on my 06...just about everything is some searching on
  14. I think we got her BOTH were correct....Fuel inlet was filled and also breather was blocked..I didnt know either was on it till i looked...Thanx again
  15. Friend of mine has a 98 DR650 and itll run fine and start fine but after about 60 miles give or take on highway running it starts bucking and spitting coughing etc....He's check everything any Ideas???thanx