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  1. JBM

    2016 250sx jetting help

    I also have a 2016 250sx and I can also recommend what Casing-daily recommends. I use a 40 pilot, NECJ needle on the 3rd, and a 165 main. Fuel screw is at 2 turns out. I'm at about 5000 feet though so that's why the smaller main. It may still be little rich on the bottom for me but not much and runs really good. I'd rather be a little rich though since I ride in a lot of sand. The jetting chart KTM provides is not very good so I would start here and then you can fine tune a little more for your conditions.
  2. JBM

    on the yamaha bandwagon

    Very cool, congrats.
  3. JBM

    Rotella T question...

    Rotella T is good oil. I've used it in the past and currently use it in my streetbike. I thought it was 5w40 for the synthetic. Did they change it to 0w40?
  4. 24-32:1 is good for a 250cc. Anyone that runs 100:1 just doesn't understand what they're doing, not insulting anyone either.
  5. JBM

    Name Your Poison!!! (premix)

    I'm running Maxima Formula K2 at 30:1. I get it cheap from a friend of mine. I've always heard good stuff about Klotz R-50, Mobil Racing 2T and Motul 800 as well.
  6. JBM

    Is 08 the end of Yamaha's 2 strokes ?

    That interview sure is something positive. That would be awesome if Yamaha moved forward with this and continued the 2 stroke. I could definitely see the resurgence of the 2 stroke happening, it seems there is somewhat of a movement now, and Yamaha would be poised for market expansion for sure.
  7. JBM

    What fuel mixture do you guys run???

    Wow! I wouldn't change anything either. That's some serious hours right there. That's awesome. I don't know if it's a testament to gp7 oil, the Yamaha, your maintenance abilities or all of the above but that has to be one of the best stories of a 2 stroke's engine life. Have you run the gp7 for all of those hours?
  8. JBM

    What fuel mixture do you guys run???

    I run 30:1, Maxima Formula K2. I never understand why the goal for some is to run the least amount of oil possible. Running anything less than 32:1 in a 250cc or smaller engine is not the best idea, of course to each his own and there are different situations that may change things, like how you ride.
  9. JBM

    Is 08 the end of Yamaha's 2 strokes ?

    The EPA is ridiculous. We have the worst MPG standards for automobiles of any developed country in the world, to satisfy the oil producers, yet the EPA chooses to target off highway motorcycles. What do these motorcycles contribute to the overall pollution of the world, whether it be to land, air or water, 0.00000001%? I can't believe the things bureaucracy can come up with sometimes. Let's regulate to oblivion, yeah that's the answer.
  10. JBM

    maxima 2 stroke oil ... any good ??

    Although I don't have a lot of experience with it yet since I just started using it, but I've heard and read only good things about Maxima Formula K2. Others that I've only heard good about as listed above are Mobil 1 Racing 2T, Motul 800 and Yamalube 2R.
  11. I went from an 04 CRF450 to the 06 YZ250 and am glad I did. It's lighter, turns better, has better suspension, and all the power most will ever need. The biggest adjustment is getting used to the throttle response and the response of the bike to your body movement compared to the 450. It's a great bike and should definitely save me some cash on maintenance.
  12. JBM


    Type F would be the best one to use.
  13. JBM

    Pre-Mix ratio 50 to 1???

    Excellent post Markopolo.
  14. JBM

    What tires come stock on 2006 YZ250?

    It's a 739 on the front and a 756 on the rear.
  15. JBM

    Pre-Mix ratio 50 to 1???

    Note to self, NEVER EVER buy a used bike from JBlinky67.